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But the injuries and disadvantages we sustain by that connection are Korea, North Subway Map without number; and our duty to mankind at large, as well as to ourselves, instructs Korea, North Subway Map us to renounce the alliance: because any submission to, or dependence on, Great Britain tends directly to involve this continent in European wars and quarrels, and sets us at variance with nations who would otherwise seek our friendship, and against whom we have neither anger nor complaint. As Europe is our market for trade, we ought to form no partial connection with any part of it.

‘Tis the true interest of Country to steer clear of European contentions, which she never can do while by her dependence on Britain she is made the makeweight in the scale of British politics. Europe is too thickly planted with kingdoms to be long at peace, and whenever a war breaks out between England and a foreign power, the trade of Country goes to ruin, because of her connection with Britain. The next war may not turn out like the last, and should it not, the advocates for reconciliation now will be wishing for separation then, because neutrality in that case would be a safer convoy than a man of war. Everything that is right or natural pleads for separation.

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