North America Map of Boston

Jules what are you doing now? Hi I’m in Martha’s Vineyard enjoying the most famous ice cream ever. She was determined that it had to be in a cone.. It’s so hot it’s melting so fast. Oh and there’s our bus you better go. I gotta go. Guess where we are. We’re in Boston and we’re at the place where everybody knows your name. The Cheers bar. Time to have a drinky drink. Let’s go. Lunch break. I don’t want to get anything on me so I’m wearing my napkin old school style. The cannon is about to go off. We’re leaving Boston and we’re headed to Washington DC and we’re very excited. And Brock promises to sing our national anthem.

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North America Map of Montreal!

Check out this tiny little bus here in Quebec City. They’re actually completely electric. Oh my god, it’s so tiny! Whatcha eating over there, brah? All right, we’ve got poutine, as the Canadian on the team, I had to introduce Jules to a country national favorite. It’s french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. They serve it to you and you’re like, that looks like the most disgusting meal I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t eat this. Then you’re eating it and you’re like, this is delicious. Oh my god. The best-tasting meal I’ve ever had in my life. And then about 15 minutes after you’re done, you think, this is the most disgusting thing. I feel so gross. And you regret eating it, but, as Canadians, we always come back for more. Like now. So we are flying to Toronto right now, and look what we have over here, cute pirates. Are you in first class? No, but I feel like it. Just reading a casual book, enjoying a glass of wine. Chardonnay, perhaps. It is! Is it Chardonnay? It is Chardonnay. Ah, what a fine palette you have. Geez, I pounded through that bad boy.

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