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So one of the best parts about living in a foreign country is noticing not the big things because well there are a lot of big things that are quite different, but, it’s more. So noticing little things in your everyday life. So one of the main things that.

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I’ve noticed here in the UK that is different to the u.s. or North America in general is grocery stores or supermarkets as, you like to call them in the UK, you guys have a lot of ready meals what.

I’m referring to is prepackaged meals because in the US, you guys have these too, but, you don’t have nearly the extent. So you’re mainly like frozen pastas that are not very that good when, you warm them up or pizzas or like the hungry man meals we’re in the UK, it’s amazing look at this, this is one of my ready meals that. I’ve gotten, this is a Malaysian chicken curry look at that.

And it just it just comes out. And, it’s in a package. And, it’s a full meal.

And, it’s ready. And, it’s amazing not just like ready meals let, you guys have your the UK, you have like easy cooking meals like in any kind of ethnic variety of a food that, you want the urge to do they come with these kits that have everything that, you need to kind of make the dishes for yourself where’s the US or Canada typically, you wouldn’t have these step-by-step meals that, you can put together to make a meal like in your home. And instead in North America, you would just go to a restaurant because there’s no way that you’ll be able to individually find all those ingredients put it together cook it it would just be a lot more work second thing that.

I have noticed is that in the UK, you learn like to package everything like 50 times. I told understand the amount of vegetable packaging, you guys put on your vegetables like any biggest package. I don’t know about this whole packaging of the fruits thing yet also tesco let’s just talk about Tesco for a second here Tesco is.

I think the biggest chain of grocery stores here on the UK even though. I don’t really consider a grocery store, it’s more of a corner or convenience store in the US it would be like a super supe 7-eleven that, you could get more than just like your candies. And dog food, you can get like legitimate food from.

I just find it very interesting that people will do like full grocery shopping at Tescos where, it’s a convenience store in my in my eyes. I see it as a convenience store Diane those are just a few observation that. I’ve noticed since.

I’ve been living here in London um and I just wanted to share them with, you don’t really know if you care. I’m somewhat mind blown from all this stuff anyways umm if you ever lived in a foreign country before.

I’m interested to see what your guys thoughts are on your grocery stores or your supermarkets or how how different, you found the food shopping culture food buying food Indian culture in the foreign country that, you moved to anyways thank, you guys. So so much for reading this post. I really hope, you liked it really good Oh what this was, but um yeah if you do give me a thumbs up.

And make sure to comment to my blog for this yeah I’ll see, you guys gonna be very fun whole series basically, this is a step-by-step guide to help, you guys plan your very own it travel adventure. ?

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