HOW TO LIVE IN BALI Realities of Living Abroad

At one point or another we’ve all had that dream that what would it be like to live in another country from the cost of logistics everything about it. I want to put that together in one post here to show, you what it would be like to live in Bali at the end of this post.

I hope to give, you a feel for what, it’s like to live here. And to give, you a bit of information on how to make it possible one of the most important things about living somewhere is actually having home. And there’s many ways to find a home from the short term to the long term this cost me 50 Canadian about maybe 40 US dollars.

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And look at it, it’s beautiful than a nice hotel Saffir grade, this is the bathroom, this is all, you need, but if you really want to live it up. And do in bali style then you’re going to want to check out a villa, this is how, you do it okay wait not this alright, this is a little bit better still a little cloudy but. We’ll take it, you know, you can’t always get the perfect day, but, this is Balinese living a villa, it’s kind of like the trademark way to hit off the Balinese trip, you got to have your own courtyard your own pool.

And it can be done quite affordably what’s really cool is there’s a lot of selection for villas and, you can get them for as affordable as like a hundred dollars a night if you share that with three other couples or if you just share it with a friend that drops your costs significantly. And it can be almost as cheap as staying in a guesthouse again the one part of living in Bali is that it is the biggest Gong show as far as traffic like narrows roads they cannot support the amount of people to live here. And we just sat there trapped for about 20 minutes.

I had to like basically move traffic just to get us turned around we’re now getting down that way what should have been about a five minute drive is now going to be closer to 45 minutes that is falling one part of it to make a few really broad sweeping generalization there are three main areas, you should stay in in bali seminyak is where you’re going to find private villas with their own pools you’re going to find lots of fine dining. And everything in between, it’s a really developed area kuta is the place that most backpackers will stay. And, it’s also one of the craziest place for nightlife.

And my personal favorite, this is Changu, this is where a lot of the expats live, but, it’s becoming a much more up-and-coming place for backpackers. And tourists, this is where you’ll find everything from coffee shops to surfing. And it even has a bit of nightlife now as.

I mentioned before traffic is outrageous. And if you don’t want to spend all day waiting traffic then the only way to get around is a scooter or a motorbike. And like anything in life, you get what, you pay for the 50cc scooters are great for getting around, but they lack a cool vibe and.

So for $15, you can get a really beter bike that will probably break down on, you. And for a whole thirty a day you’re driving around a really awesome custom bike right now. I’m at one of the best motorbike renters in all of Bali, this is mala Madre motorcycles they make these like really incredible custom-built motorbikes.

I was just renting a $15.00 day custom bike from the side of a road some unrepeatable vendor. And that bike broke down on me three times over two days.

So this right here that’s my black stallion for the next five days on average you’re looking at about 2.1 million for an entire week, you can rescue ters for like five dollars, but if you want to have like a really cool bali vehicle. I like little bit on this get a nice bike.

And today, it’s not really a beach day. So we’re going to hit up a waterfall. And the best way to get around is noted Oh, it’s an hour.

And a half outside of Changu we have just arrived here at two Sun Kooning waterfall and. I’ve never seen anyone come here before like, this is the first that. I’ve ever seen it, you guys are the scouts, you found it called spot max Alec they’re both from Canada same hometown we actually lived in the same city how did, you go find this.

And we’re also joined by. I’m getting drenched right now if. I had any other camera than my Canon 1dx I’d be freaking out but.

I know it can handle it my microphone on the other hand probably cannot time to go. So yesterday right as. I finished the post like all hell broke loose the skies opened up rain just came crashing down and.

I was. So ill-prepared like all my camera gear was out of the bag was just sitting out in the open. I have lost she’s a casualty.

I thought my microphone was dead. I thought my 16 to 35 had moisture behind the lens that wouldn’t be able to come out, but everything else has bounced back it seems like, it’s all working so. I guess considering how much it could have cost me, it’s only a slight disappointment.

So oh we’ve got a look at the bright side another bright side is that finally we have beautiful weather here in Bali look at that green colours bouncing off the plants, it’s just. So beautiful, this is the Bali. I came here for as you’ve noticed the greens are very green.

And volume that’s not without reason if you plan to enjoy the summer days in Bali make sure, you research when the rainy season starts. And when it ends hey guys it is Monday morning. And what better way to start off our week then go into the gym let’s work on that fitness.

So if you’re going to live somewhere, you better find a way that, you can stay in shape and. I think. I’ve just found mine.

I’m currently at wonderla CrossFit here in Changu Bali and. I got my absolute this morning like. I am just sweating buckets.

I just wanted to top out, but that’s what, it’s all about is like when, you find a class that actually holds, you accountable to your own workout, you get so much more done. And especially when you’re on like vacation mode, you really need that extra push so.

I have a huge recommendation for this place, you can do drop in rate, you can do monthly rate you’re going to live in Bali probably look at the long term plan because it would save, you a lot more money oh sorry, you just caught me in the middle of taking a quick bath here now this post is called how to live in Bali not how to visit Bali if you’re going to be here for like a month plus long term rentals well then there’s actually ways that, you can save a lot of money because when, you use online booking websites, you pay a hefty premium could be as much as 30 to 50 percent more one of the ways, you can really cut cost is actually by checking out the different community groups in Bali there’s Facebook groups for Changu salmon yak Utah basically every area. And in those groups people are constantly posting if they’re leaving the country. And they want to sublet their place those are really great ways that, you can save money.

And find a really nice long-term villa rental or even just a shared room that’s part of a larger villa lots of good ways to save money. So the perfect meal choice for either breakfast lunch or even maybe dinner going to get nuts. I Ebal of nalu’s bowls.

I heard good things yeah it was really good. I want to introduce, you guys to two locals who have been living here for like three months. I don’t have, you call them locals, but, you guys know what’s going on Kelsey Cameron.

And how are, you liking it we love it awesome the people here. I just saw a community in change oh yeah. And this place here is kind of like a shared commons area with your unit.

So a few of, you guys have been saying, you for like a month plus, it’s actually like the four rooms that are like right across from each other if you just kind of like set up our ground. And that put yeah that’s always of like yeah us for have just kind of stayed for like the last three months. So they got like a really dope pool all the units are down there, you don’t have to come to Bali.

And stay in a massive villa, you could definitely find like one of these really cool communal areas where, you share the pool, you share the dining area and, you pay a lot less. I mean they were just telling me that for roughly $200, you can find a place like this without a pool, you pay a little more closer to, you know 300 to 400, you can find a place like this with a beautiful pool. And a great sense of community.

So, it’s really affordable to come to Bali especially if you earn your income online that’s one of the big benefits as being in western dollars. And then living on Southeast Asian prices Changu is definitely a bit more inflated, it’s basically straight Westerners, it’s a really cool hub of expats. And people earning their incomes online and.

So what do, you guys do here we dabble, this is fun make money where we can and, you guys do Instagram too that’s kind of what, it’s stealing the dream right now yeah pretty much we like started our Instagram not really thinking anything was going to happen. And then we kind of got jobs from it. So from there we just started using that as like a platform for like almost like a portfolio yeah.

And then that’s what got us like freelance jobs doing events. And weddings. And stuff she does hair.

I do photography yeah it works out where we go now campaigns, it’s the breakfast spot man honor all right perfect let’s do it the canteen is an awesome spot for breakfast. And another plot. I recommend not too far away, it’s betel nut cafe Cameron is going to teach me how to serve today which as, you guys are probably known if you’re part of the blog.

I have tried surfing. So many times now and. I just had no luck.

So today. I’m going to be shown by afro I’ll let, you guys know how it goes we’re going down to Echo Beach, you got a lot to live up to by the way well give it a shot how people do it when they live in Bali they get the surf crap it is fun to finally do the thing the Balinese do okay maybe not the actual Balinese, but the people visiting Bali they love to surf. So we are in Spotify long which is kind of like the learning Beach, it’s where, you got for the most part of the easiest ways.

And, it’s also what looks like to be the busiest place, you can go to learn there’s got to be at least 75 to 100 surfers up there thank, you very much, you for the bigger the better sack yeah size matters when you’re learning hello we’re gonna let fresh food that’s the money right here well the good stuff until when your money money, you also get access to the salad bar looks. So good this was 70,000. And, it’s all-you-can-eat from the salad bar that has like potatoes amazing sauces spices Rice’s, it’s just.

So delicious. And the beef sitter is equal we got our mahi-mahi which looks actually really well presented the great boss watch the sunset. I walked past it not thinking much of it, but I’m.

So glad that. I came here. So tasty echo beach barbecue houses.

I would have thought that was the end of an incredible day in Changu Bali. So right now we are at motion cafe which is kind of like a healthy lifestyle sort of beat, you cafe, but they do have me off. I just got the paleo salad with like beef avocado a bunch of other stuff.

And definitely like mid pricing, but I’ll let, you know how it is 10 out of 10 would recommend presentation taste everything about it was. So good. I ended up spending like roughly 13 us for a massive coffee.

And a delicious breakfast really good later that day. I got on my bike and. I went on an adventure going self with a couple.

I met on Instagram about an hour. And a half later on the bike we’ve just arrived in padang padang which is really close to the wazoo, this is my friend Larry Larry how are, you he’s great. So, this is actually one of like the surfing capitals of the world apparently like the best surf, you can find here is like in this little stretch of beach.

So definitely excited to check that out there’s like 15 monkeys around me right now. And we’re going to go afterwards to walk through which is just a little further self muggy just came up. And grabbed a bag of chips out of the skid pad savage.

So checking through my Instagram DM and. I found a couple to travel with what’s up guys Brittany. And Damian they’re from Australia under on your like plane moving is Allegra that’s we come on yeah.

And whether, you tell the plane how are, you ever going to head to my charm. And go to China Mongolia. And then get the trans-siberian over to Russia is awesome apparently, this is how, you get down to the beach a tank a tank if go through slow crevasse was like between two cliffs you.

So there’s actually going to be a big surf competition going on here fairly soon if, this is one of the best places, you can do it in the world. I don’t know how I feel about the beach at the moment, it’s super busy the beach is full of like sharp rocks but.

I guess, it’s a pretty cool spot if you’re staying in this area now. I think Google Watts who may be the prettier of the beaches. So we’re going to head there now.

And show, you that incredible who’s a walk through cliffside also there’s this one bar that pretty much everyone goes to for sunsets. So we’re going to check that out just got back to my Villa. And that was unreal the ride home was like zigzagging through the hills.

I could see the city life felt like Ricky Bobby. I was like. I want to go fast.

And. I’m anyway the back let’s go out. So just kinda posilutely into here at the pizza house it was 85 thousand for pizza which is about like six US dollars.

And it was delicious gotta say there’s so many awesome restaurants here in Foley like, you have your pick of the litter everything from like, you be. So gelato douchey, you can find it here for a classic night out in tangu make sure to check out old man once the club shut down people walk down to the beach it becomes a bit of a beach party hey guys today is a workday so.

I’ve just gotten up. I’m going to go to CrossFit. I am sweating buckets right now, but that is like the best way to start your day Watts deadlift everything, you could ever think of thrown into that one workout.

And now. I’m feeling it everywhere here’s the quick pricing guide just to give, you an idea of what it would cost to live here if you’re going to get a haircut in Bali you’re probably expecting to spend around sixty thousand if you’re going to get your laundry done a massive bag basically like an entire backpackers bag will probably cost, you around eighty thousand if you find the right places. And you’ll see laundry signs all around little neighborhoods people just start little businesses out of their garages right behind me here, this is pretty poison.

And a really cool bar where they actually have a skateboard bowl in the very back fit so. I was there the other night and. I a what’s up guys.

I’m actually getting to know people in Bali now, it’s pretty cool, this is literally already starts to feel like home milk 375 to 375 apple for eight cents per gram 350 beers 150 Kellogg 150 cheese 225 ham 150 big-big 550 bread 175 more of a local $5 for yogurt subpoena what kind of odd about being in Southeast Asia is that oftentimes, it’s actually cheaper to eat out go to a restaurant, you oftentimes pay a fairly large premium to shop at the grocery store, but every now. And then when, you need some North American things like good doses of cheese. And thick pieces of meat that’s when you’re going to want to come here prepare yourself meal because it is possible to find that while going out, but, it’s not as common here in Southeast Asia all right guys as, you can see.

I am no longer in Bali. I’m back home in Canada but I want to conclude with one last thing.

And that is visas. So most people that come to live in Bali you’re initially given a 30 days on entry and. So for 30 days, you don’t need any visas always do your own research, but that’s what, it’s always been.

So 30 days, you come in generally what you’re going to want to do, this is a hack that. I heard from the locals is before, you leave that Airport when, you first land in Bali go talk to the officials make sure that if you plan to stay two full two months if you want to extend to two months do it before, you leave the airport otherwise, it’s a lot more paperwork a lot more of a headache. And that way, you can get two months upon entry as long as, you do it before leaving the airport.

And from there what a lot of people will do who live locally a lot of the expats is look at that two-month time frame. And they’ll leave after two months maybe just for a day, you could literally set foot in another airport in another country. And come right back in your new clock reset.

So that’s kind of a really quick guide as to how the visas work I’ll let, you figure out the rest if you found the post helpful let me know guys, this is my first time ever doing a how to live in series and. I think this could become like a cornerstone to the blog. I really enjoyed it.

And for me it means. I get to go actually try. And living in different cities which.

I absolutely love baldie definitely has a special place in my heart. I need to move there very soon you’ll hear more about that later. And one last thing if you’re curious about how.

I organize all my travels the things. I learn from the road basically the behind the scenes well then I’ll be showing, you guys everything, you need to know about travel. And how to run a social media business.

So if you’re curious about that check out the link down below to lenguin Oh. ?

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