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Hey everybody how you guys doing say we just got to the LA Airport, and we’re leaving loud at the end of Lau we are heading towards Bangkok, and we’ve seen that for the night international travel rule. So you should arrive like two hours well they really see three hours two hours before we’re an hour, and a half or four were meant to arise, and of course only in Asia there’s no one at the check-in gate well you took me that’s right as it always means it’s time for coffee are you guys part of the dive is, I’m trying to cut out on really milky coffees, I’m trying you a black American coffee I do have a bit of a dash of milk, I’m trying to ease myself into it just like the voice of two sugars my coffee, and then had one, and now, I’m just going that American coffee no sugar with a dash of milk this is what we’re doing, I’m feeling a little bit better, I’m actually actually going a lot better this is not fun guys this is our first time ever having food poisoning it’s not fun souls Bobby feels, and you have this 24 hours I have 48 hours, and 48 hours I eat anything, and I don’t know why, I’m having a coffee right now probably not the best idea just tried maybe she needs to wait a few more hours before eating to find Bangkok Airways and, I’m a little bit excited.

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Because everyone keeps telling us that we get an airport lounge included in our figure this is the first time we’ve ever been in an airport lounge of all apply to be flown this is Airport lunch clearly novices with the lounge probably could have skipped that coffee we had before. But this is so cool look like a little station of food for us fridge full of drink, and fresh juices later do we just cuz look I don’t know hey can I get a coffee please, and I just get a hot black coffee, and can also just have a little bit of a side of milk is on there thank you man if we had done every time would in every what, I’ll get so much worked on edited so much of the blog welcome back to Bangkok everyone I feel like we’ve said this. So many times in the post we’re going to be catching to the into our hotel in the middle of the city, and like a bit of exploring we just checked into our hotel, and the continent hotel in seconf it’s probably very familiar with this area we tend to stay here. Because there’s a lot of good restaurants our favorite restaurant which we’re probably going to go visit again is here my veggie home. But this room is really cool I love the window that we have this is pretty much the main room that you have here here’s our bed, and look at that view I don’t think we’re going to be sleeping with the curtains closed we’re going to keep that open. So beautiful, and then there’s that amazing Park just over there, and then we have like a TV we have our desk, and I think we like the corner of the building. So it’s just shaped really awesome actually really enjoy this, and also the colors in the decor that they have going on here. But wow that view is to die for I just love staying in the city, and just having the cityscape certainly different to the jungles of Malaysia that we’ve had before, and then we have a TV, and then also here is our cool bathroom as you can see there’s got to be Bangkok’s best bask top view.

Because look at this. So you can just sit here or you can have a shower, and just watch the sunset kind of feel like we’re in New York at the moment like that that’s a really cool seriously motorized curtains are just the way of how every curtain should be well either way I see it I have a shaving kit, and I don’t know I kind of Miss my team the Beast which is like this little fake shader that I had befallen a broke which means every time it gets to like whimsy, and ogle whiskery I have to do like a full shave, and it’s gotten to that point kind of want to get myself a say shaver I feel like I almost know off by heart how to get to good old me Betty home look at this side you guys pick it up oh oh you hot guys Steven is rewarded, I’m funless burger instead it’s like – veggie patties on either side it’s like the cookie Bryson how I have my first meal in three days, I’m really nervous to eat yet still feel a little bit weak at the moment I’ve taken earth somewhere nice, and clean where she might enjoy the biggest shopping center, and a boss called terminal 21 with just outside our hotel what do you want to see the each level is different we’re currently on the assemble city level if you have a look very theme each level I think level to San Francisco that’s pretty much the Disneyland of shopping centers look for currently example Cisco I suppose when you’re a secured city with. So many people living here like what was the population I think a lot of people with the output it up yeah you got to climb these things up and, I’ll give it to the shopping center they do mix it up Doolin I even have the causing gate bridge on there’s cars on there is so cool at this level now is fantasy critical disappear maybe those baked cheese tarts we try to Malaysia weren’t Malaysian penises lo probably came out a week after our try Malaysian handy volcano you guys have probably let us know already that it wasn’t initiative already guys let’s try, and guess which floor we’ve come to get our coffee yeah odd country we’re now back in our room, and I did actually feel a little bit sick after eating. But now I’ve come back, and I just went, and had the best bath, and I made me feel so much better, I’m currently ironing a dress for dinner, I’m not sure if, I’m going too much gonna be able to eat. But um, I’m still going to go to dinner. So yeah, I’m just defining this it gets.

So crinkly I feel like that’s like my hardest part about traveling is like really my clothes have just got ruined since traveling to Asia. But I just had a bath with probably one of the best views how cool is that was a very very good bar yes now we’re going to get ready for yeah, I’m ready to go I just have to wait for Steven to finish doing his sunset time lapses. Because we all know how much do you love a good sunset time-lapse hey you know what’s true, I’m just Causton to be sound you ready if you guys ever wondered he actually uses, and IV an app on the Sony camera that actually does the time lapses it takes a phone over three seconds, and that’s why they look. So good yeah, and just. So beautiful this is our last night coming to Bangkok probably through this whole year, I’m enjoying it. Because I love our hmm of course I come back to Bangkok when a few days time oh my gosh well I don’t know how to very very low do we also you know, I’ll tell you guys what the plan is for the next two weeks. Because that’s the last two weeks of this trip, and it’s so literally what we have planned is so exciting that’s left us to say that see that traffic down there that pretty much sums up Bangkok all righty guys we’re going to have dinner on the top floor the height sort of Bangkok just put you know we had to come, and check out the pool there’s that Sun set up posting before oh wow the view from that pool is so cool guys you just got the restaurant, and it’s like glass this is pretty much the view that we’re having put enough oh. So beautiful the restaurants really cool. Because if he’s never tried Thai food before they do the pictures. Because maybe you don’t know what like a pad thai looks like, and you can just kind of see it rather than just guessing, and thinking if you like it or not. So I must true from that I’ve won flaming Bangkok Heights right here okay now you meant to pull the shot in the top upside down we pour the whole thing upside down even right even fashion through yeah yep, and then you stir it all around, I’m not drinking tonight clearly cuz, I’m a bit upset tummy fat steven has ordered the bangkok height cocktail. Because we are at the breath rather fizzes all those good yeah it’s like pineapple, and kiwi fruit summer really good.

So I thought I tell you guys what we’re doing back in Thailand after seeing so much of Thailand we had to come back. Because we’ve invited to see an island called Kolkata don’t think many people have seen it. Because whenever we tell someone were going there they are where it was happy even the Thai people weren’t you sure you know we’re probably saying it wrong to get to this island we actually have to catch a private plane which is really cool at least it’s 7 a.m. which means we have to live to get out of here quarter past 5:00 in the morning I don’t trust the bangkok traffic we need to get to the airport to catch our 7:00 a.m. flight.

So they charged me for being in bed at 8:00 a.m. oh do yes certainly a coffee 8:00 a.m. I’m so tired we’re visiting the place that we’ve never like visited before. So we’re super excited, I’m so sorry for the secrecy. But we are coming to the last two weeks of our trip, and after we finish encode we are going somewhere where we have never taken you guys before it actually a pretty special place for us.

So we’re also excited to do that as well try, and guess below, and then play for us yeah, and the trip, and the trip super excited for tomorrow. But we will see you nice bright, and early flying to Kirkwood thanks so much for reading if you guys are new around here with your post is Monday Wednesdays, and Fridays give us a thumbs up, and comment see you next time bye.

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