Hey 7:00 a.m. and what we’re walking to Sara’s. Because she has the only source of power she has our us adapter hence my crazy hair. So hello how are do anything to it what the hull, and then Stephen has all our laptops and. So because we haven’t even edited the post from yesterday Thank You Sara we’ve you bringing all the goods yeah eager Stevie me coffee it’s hot we bought both beans.


But we realized that we don’t have a can opener. So, I’m improvising yes for resorting to this it’s actually working why I sound like, I’m a big winner burn my tongue, and be hot will taste good. But oh really good for the post this sign is enough huh it says this area contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer birth defects or other reproductive harm oh dear okay guys just finished editing yesterday’s post it’s just coming on 11:30, and we have to meet Jen from the other day one of our readers at her place in 20 minutes, and we’re just back at our place to just quickly change. Because it’s super hot outside, and then once we get there we’re gonna head off to Santa Monica if you’re reading this chance Ari we’re late just talking in Venice when I grab some lunch, and still a bit tonight wrong with Disneyland yesterday no they’re gonna take us out for we have to introduce you guys to Jen, and Jack sites around Venice, and some other places today that is Jan you met her before on that a couple of months ago, and this is her partner yeah charlie, and then taking us to this like really obscure a cool place turning a fruit we’re just gonna hang out next few minutes being in us.

And we’re going to be taken to Zaid venice beach boardwalk it looks really nice it’s actually one of the nicest beaches we’ve seen since coming to America really big like in Australia you get like these thin little beaches. So we’re just gonna explore, and everyone can just come in, and just change whether like go over the old paint they saw on there now at the moment what we’ve done the hip does go back back back back we just come down to Santa Monica Pier walking down Santa Monica here a really cool vibe to it just like Venice Beach let’s see what’s the news friend you ready oh there we go it’s really nice yes like the Sun is setting it’s a nice cool music such an awesome place it’s just little things like this that make you appreciate, and you know on the other side here in Santa Monica Pier, and it’s just seem like a little sea lion people just loving life to third Street why did we come here Sarah, and what a three-point charge have you been using philosophy on explain where we are oh we are in clas that’s like a little college town, and we’re on our way to diddy race do it that’s Jen’s recommendation it’s not good line Jen this better be good this is what we waited for an hour amazing goodness it’s like two cookies smooshed between some choc ice cream it was like a buck 50 at the most I just think they’re gonna be like once they’re all right good night guys.

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