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Simply stated, people are attracted to cities and what they Tunisia Subway Map offer. Sadly, the reality is that life in a city is not always better. Slums Tunisia Subway Map surround nearly every large city in Latin America, including those in Haiti. Cite Soleil, for example, is a slum of nearly a half-million people in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. It is one of the largest and most crowded slums found anywhere in the Americas. Most of its people are dirt-poor and illiterate.

Our small team quietly sat, surrounded by inky darkness, as Jules quietly called out to the spirits. The only noise that of a humming furnace motor.

Suddenly there was an ear-shattering crash behind us. It actually took us a few seconds to recover. Apprehensively, flashlights on, we began searching for the sound eventually discovering it wasn’t paranormal at all. Rather, it was a bottle coming down a chute from the bar. Even when we learned the cause, every time a bottle came crashing down it was a shock. Enough of this room, we moved on.

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