Early on Tuesday morning at June the 14th 2018 just about 5:40 in the morning I woke up a little bit too late I hit the snooze button, and he never hit the snooze button always get off. Because when you hit the snooze button you miss the sunrise only by a little bit the sun’s maybe it’s like 10 minutes risen by now come up it’s early, I’m on my way to Central Park the very northwestern corner of Central Park on 110, and Central Park West, and it’s actually a really cool occasion, I’m meeting up with my cousin who I haven’t seen in I haven’t seen him in 13 years 13 years that is half my life, and it’s really interesting I was talking to Jessica about this you know I haven’t seen him in over a decade.

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But we see each other on social media if that makes sense. So I almost feel like I know what he’s doing in his life, and all that. But he’s in New York City for work, and he shot me a Facebook message, and he’s like hey you want to wake up at 6 a.m. and go for a run in Central Park, and I said sure let’s do it I met with cousin Chris forensics went to park you want to run the loop here hole in the water he’s smoking me right now like a gazelle do it’s a metabolic training shadows that like one I use daily skyline in the background we’re done we have the light on our page then we just finish the Rhondda how far do you think we want I can tell you know miles yeah wasn’t much. So I’ve got this like running fanny pack, and it lets Wounded Bird nerdy there yeah what I do it’s a it literally just holds my phone. Because I have a phablet, and it won’t fit in pockets section I got baby hands.

So let’s see here we ran three point eight miles with an average pace of 757 yes it’s not bad for for a morning jog you know 6:30 a.m. it’s not easy to get up, and get out beach gotta do sometimes yeah it was let me try to take this post I actually oh you have on your phone yeah yeah I uploaded. So when I went home for Christmas this past year I found this like boxes eight millimeter of post tapes, and I was like oh my god like these are all here my parents never watched them. Because it’s too much of a pain, and it’s super hard to like like digitize this stuff, and the technology is only gonna move further away once everyone’s shooting phones her posts on my cones yeah yeah and.

So I found like this laptop that’s ten years old that still had the right cord on it, and hooked up the camera to it, and I digitized 80 hours of post really from like our childhood that is my dad, and baby Eric that’s my sister Melissa there’s me oh there’s my mom again could you send me the link to this yeah totally, I’m gonna have to show my mom this I think it’s crazy the fact that we can go, and watch a post from that was what it was like three months after I was born yeah in Central Park on your phone it’s will message about Friday all right see you Chris bye what good starts of the morning we just sat there we both had a half hour to talk we just caught up on life, and Chris’s story Chris if you’re reading the post thanks for meeting up his story is so inspirational just how he got to where he is now, and what he wants to do with just work, and life he works at Google now, and just hearing his story especially his resume how he got their attention that really cool really inspiring today I mean locums I can’t stop smiling you think that’s a rat more we are out here I am fulfilling my boyfriend slash photographer duties were shooting a little bit of a fashion post for Jessica’s blog we found this spot with the coolest lighting, and when the wind blows almost looks like like a CGI kind of hologram the impromptu photo shoot is now done went pretty well we’re slowly shooting this outfits lookbook for Jessica’s blog, and we’ve been doing that almost day by day each outfit Jessica just left downtown she had a meeting and, I’m about to head out as well, I’m all dressed up, I’m not really dressed up, I’m presentable we’re going to somewhere pretty cool tonight I got the sunglasses wallet extra battery keys time to go.

So I jumped in the subway, I’m now in the theater district right by Times Square on 44th between 8th, and 7th, and the theaters actually right here we’re going to the st. James theatre to see a show, and it is a beautiful night out it feels like not quite summertime. But just like spring this it Pleasant our brothers blast I was looking for the cheese I love coming to old theaters. Because I feel I told you this I think they’re hot dinner old theaters like this there’s ghosts running around by Madero apparently Jessica’s new stress reliever is to bite me like me start again I can take a chunk out of you we’re heading to the show with seating 8 in thick inserts. So we’re at the reception, and this woman comes up to us is really just like vibrant woman, and introduces herself in she’s like oh, I’m Carolina, and she started talking to us she was over here we’re gonna move over here. Because it’s kind of loud Wow always finding the good lighting are you person yeah yeah. But like I was saying we’re at the reception this woman comes up to us really like vibrant just full of life woman she’s like hi my name is Caroline we started talking, and then that she starts talking about our signs like our ask astrological like Libra Capricorn, and she almost kind of her other side she always kinda like not like predicted our future.

But she what would you say she did she read our fortunes almost like spot-on like dead-on. But we were a game today you know what happened today in our lives, and we’re like oh my god are you a psychic Mary, and she was no. But I played a witch on TV for a few years, and we’re like wait what, and she’s like oh i played Sabrina’s on on Sabrina the Teenage Witch like I used to watch that show after school I loved that you are which yeah show must have just got out or something – shows just got out at the same time Phantom of the Opera I’ve never seen this many people on a street I mean other than like a parade or something what a good time though so much fun I think this is this might be downtown we have to oh yeah uptown done the jump on the train good party laughs yeah I like the finance pirates they have you pouches on the front there kid to make their judgments huge, and I make a little bit there’s Jeff Goldblum again if you guys like today is that post give it a thumbs up, and leave us a comment down below if you’ve seen something Ryan it was like in my jessica has a new crush, and his name is Jeff Goldblum Jeff if you’re reading this. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion we’ll save room tomorrow good night.

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