Oahu Shark Diving

Hi, On the North Shore of Oahu, travel offers a Shark Dive Adventure Cruise that’s well worth the trip. It’s an amazing way to get up close and personal with a whole lot of sharks. The tour boats are powerful and comfortable and it doesn’t take long to get the safety demo done, out of the harbor, and onto the open sea. In about 15 minutes you’ll probably spot another boat from the Shark Tour fleet, they’ll be just finishing up, so you’ll wait a minute before tying up to the mooring. The sharks are there right away. So after a quick safety talk, it’s into the cage for the first group. By the way, a lot of people take those little underwater cameras, they produce pretty good results. Anyway, it’s into the water.

Oahu Shark Diving Photo Gallery

his particular spot is where crab boats used to bring their pots to the surface, then throw all the crabs they didn’t want back into the sea, creating a feast for the sharks. The crabbing stopped 10 years ago, but the sharks still come when they hear the engine. As you see, they really do come in force. But the cage is pretty sturdy, and you don’t feel vulnerable at all, believe me. The sharks are mainly Galapagos, sandbars, and blacktips, but tiger and whale sharks also put in an appearance if they’re in the area. It’s an amazing experience below the surface with these guys.

If you’re an adventure seeker, this definitely fits the bill. Anyway, if you’re in Hawaii and enjoy a little adventure, you’re gonna love the Shark Dive. There’s three departures each day, depending on the weather. It’s always popular, especially in the high season, so do book it in advance, because you may find it’s sold out if you wait until you arrive. You can find this tour and lots of other great Hawaii tours on travel.com.

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