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We mentioned above that the central axis in the Futian CBD was given over to shopping malls. Central Walk is in the southern section near the Sheraton and the Exhibition Hall. There's a Japanese touch here. They started this in Tokyo in the 1960s when department stores were built over the Tokyo subway stations.

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The Central Walk Shopping Mall is connected to the Metro System lines 1 and 4. It's built over the Hui Zhan Zhong Xin station and has a Carrefour Department Store.

The Planners saw this as Shenzhen's Champs-Elysees and provided for sitting areas set beside ponds and gardens. Shop till you drop, then recuperate.

The anchor tenant is the French hypermarket chain Carrefour in the basement. We said French but it's a very Chinese shopping experience. They make special efforts to see that the shopping is as noisy and dazzling as possible. The lights are brighter, the Mando-pop is louder and the butchers make a special effort to loudly slap their cleavers flat-side-down on the counters. Even the fish in the big tanks seem to make a noise.

There's a Starbucks on the walkway and lots of other eating. We always go to Ding Chu UG level, 0755 8280 1087 which has excellent Sichuan food at good prices in a pleasant environment.

Address: Futian CBD, Fuhua First Rd.

0755 8383 7888

Metro: Hui Zhan Zhong Xin.

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Nanshan has six very large shopping malls: Holiday Plaza, Kingkey Banner New Lifestyle Centre, Garden City Centre, Coastal City, Poly Cultural Square and European City.

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