980,285 acres. This National Forest in northwest California has mountainous terrain and several rivers. Included are portions of the 500,000-acre Trinity Alps Wilderness, the 153,000-acre Siskiyou Wilderness, and the 8,100-acre North Fork Wilderness. Some 200 miles of trails are available, and camping is allowed. Six Rivers did not respond to several requests for information.

For Further Information: Six Rivers National Forest, 507 F Street, Eureka, CA 95501; (707)442-1721.


After weaning, at about three weeks and weighing around 40 kilos, they are abandoned by the mother and have to live on their fat reserves for a couple of weeks, but remain in the nursery. During this period they lose the nourishing fat at the rate of half a kilo a day and may even lose a third of their bodyweight until hunger drives them into the sea, where they have to learn survival skills on their own. Only about half of the pups born will live to see their first birthday. The adults will mate as soon as the pups are weaned and the cycle starts again. In the USA, all seals are protected by the US Marine Mammal Protection Act 1972, but they have not been as lucky in Europe so far. Even though most people love their doleful, dog-like faces, most commercial fishermen partly blame the seals for the serious decline in fish stocks, even though seals have been fishing for much longer than man. It is only since trawlers began to use new, sophisticated equipment and intensified their methods that the stocks have been so severely depleted. The grey seal’s diet consists mostly of fish, and sand eels make up more than half of its quarry. By tracking the animals with special radio transmitters, the Sea Mammal Research Unit in Fife, Scotland has discovered that the specific feeding areas of the Farnes grey seals are at depths of 50-70 metres, down to a flat seabed of sand and gravel, and this is also the terrain of the sand eel shoals. Grey seals can dive to depths of well over 250 metres and stay down for more than five minutes, but that is nothing compared with their cousin, the Southern elephant seal, which dives to a record 2,000 metres and can stay down for two hours.

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