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Apprehended he will die. Mr. Edward Payne, of Sapporo Map this town, merchant, standing at his entry door, received a ball in his arm, Sapporo Map which shattered some of the bones. Mr. John Green, Taylor, coming up Leverett’s Lane, received a ball just under his hip, and lodged it in the under part of his thigh, which was extracted. Mr.

White multiculturalism cannot admit to itself that migrants and Aboriginal people are actually eroding the centrality ofwhite people in Australia. This is because the very viability of White multiculturalism as a government ideology resides entirely in its capacity to suppress such a reality. As a result of this suppression, however, White multiculturalism leaves those White people who experience the loss with no mainstream political language with which to express it. This is why, like a return of the repressed, the discourse of White decline was bound to express itself in the pathological political language of a home grown Australian neo-fascism.

Thus, I argue that those ordinary Australians’ who identify with the sticker feel they have the monopoly of worrying’ about the racial mix (Hage 1998: 10) of Anglo-Celtic Australia. Perhaps Abdullah’s image acts as an anxiety-relieving mechanism for art-goers as it serves to reassure them that they indeed are really not racist. In summary, the jingoistic message and hostile register of the banner Fuck off we’re full’ appeals to the fantasy of white Australians (Hage 1998), and the Australian government’s obsession and paranoia concerning border control exhibits racial and spatial anxieties (Ang 1999).

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