Buck a Book US Map & Phone & Address

Buck a Book US Map & Phone & Address

38 Court St. Boston; (617) 367-9419

551 Boylston St, Boston; (617) 266-0019

636 Beacon St, Boston; (617) 266-7219

125 Tremont St. Boston; (617) 357-1919

30 J.F.K. St, Cambridge; (617) 492-5500

55 Davis Square, Somerville; (617) 776-1919

And other suburban locations So, just what kinds of books can you get for a dollar? All kinds this large chain snaps up bookstore returns, overstocks, hardcovers that don’t sell once the paperback comes out and the like. The selection varies from branch to branch, yet each location rivals any regular bookstore’s offerings.

Recent novels, Star Trek paperbacks, biographies, dictionaries, children’s activity books, and more are all creatively displayed. Some titles push the envelope, but are still cheap: Olivia Goldsmith’s novel Flavor of the Month was seen shortly after its run on the bestseller lists, for just $4. Other sections feature large-size art and coffee table books, from $3 to $10; and computer software guidebooks, like The WordPerfect Bible, usually at half the cover price. Greeting cards are two for a buck. Plus low-grade videos, cartoons, and self-help programs, from $1.50 to $5; and books on tape for $2 each. Open seven days a week.

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