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Make sure you fly into Frankfurt Airport, not Haan, which is 75 miles west of Frankfurt. . From Frankfurt Airport, you’re traveling due east to the northern Frankfurt suburb of Altenstadt. Public transportation is 1-2 hours, and requires bus to train to bus to train 3 times, too much hassle. Get a car and haul ass, a rental car drive is 1 hour or less. Cars will run around 65-70 euro a day, unlimited miles. A home base should be set up near two specific recommended places, although there are many more to choose from.

Rent a car, you’ll be driving an hour to Altenstadt. Take A3 to A66 to Hanau to A45. A45 to exit 39 which is Altenstadt, left at the end of the road. Straight for 2-3 miles till the circle. Go left in the direction of Bahnof for 1 mile, there’s a light and a REWE supermarket there. Go left about a mile, then Helmershauser Strasse, then to Siemenstarsse Road on the right. Go right and you’ll find FKK Atlantis at the end on your left.

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For an alternate route, when you leave Frankfurt, drive with your head out the window like Ace Ventura and follow the pussy smell. If the scent becomes overwhelmingly strong, and you see men limping towards their cars holding their crotches. You’re there.

After you’re little tour of Frankfurt, you can catch a train into Amsterdam for more sex touring. ( see chapter ). FKK Atlantis and FKK Oases are the preferred stops for quality, quantity, as well as price. We’ll supply more names later on. The FKK spas in Germany resemble the layout of termas in Brazil. You arrive, pay a 30-65 Euro entrance fee, change in a locker room, and walk around in robes and slippers. “Good evening Mr. Hefner.” The prices for sessions are 50 per half hour, they are fixed, and there are very few clock-watchers here. In Germany, the FKK’s are 90% for the locals, the occasional tourist is rare. However, a cover story to the girl about being a repeat business customer should improve your service. Expect high quality, and an outstanding erotic performance, the girl will usually perform well also. A very good value. And we mean quality. It’s damn hard to get out of there, (word to the wise: the German girls’ service isn’t preferred).

Atlantis is very upscale, and features stunning exotic women from around the world; Africa, Asia, South American, Russians, you name it. There are around 50 girls working there. They know you are an Oil Tycoon, and a well-endowed descendant of 007, so they all want to get naked quickly for you. None seem to have the annoying pro attitude either, AND there are only upscale hotties here.

What’s so special about the place, is after your session, you can relax in an awesome pool or Jacuzzi, drop into one of four whirlpool spas, there’s a tanning bed, sauna, steam room, massage girls, etc. When you bore of this , you could waste some time drilling a couple more exotic chicas that rate 8 or 9. Hop in the pool with a drink for as long as you want, watch the talent stroll around the place. You’ll get company in the pool, don’t worry. You can also hang out on the many couches around the bar area and make out till you’re ready. Keep in mind, the place gets packed in the early evening and you gotta move quick sometimes for one you see, no posing time here after 8 pm.

Next up is FKK Oase. Located north of Frankfurt, it’s about a 30 train followed by a 10E cab ride. Take the S5 train on track 104 to friedrichsdorf via bad hombug. Train leaves around every half hour. Warning, last train back leaves at 8pm from OASE area. FKK Oase is an beautiful outdoor setting, larger and more comfortable than Atlantis, however it seems Atlantis has the most girls and better looker ones. Oases has a huge screen porn theatre, outside lawn hangout area with Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Indoor the girls heavily grope you on couches as foreplay to entice you into the rooms, or you can have it right there on the couch(same fee). They even have a disco room with couches against the wall full of lounging naked temptresses. Hit the bar area or the Jacuzzi are and patiently pick out your women. The best time to go is 5-7pm, as the shift change means twice as many women to see. $60e entrance, $50e girl per half hour. FKK Chantel Chevalier Exklusiv is in downtown Frankfurt. Others include FFK Sudbad, Babylon, Bernds, Relax, Wiago, Parksauna, Mondail.

For the local club scene, traditional Kneipen (bars) cluster around the Alt Sachsenhausen district (between Briickenstrasse and Dreiechstrasse). Also, most of the top hotels in Frankfurt have busy and popular clubs of their own, as the clientele is often business travelers. Expect to see women loitering around hoping to trade a peek of their body for a chunk of your wallet. In the pop clubs, techno is particularly popular. Many bars in Frankfurt also offer live music, particularly jazz. The best venues are around Kleine Bockenheimer Strasse, otherwise known as Jazzgasse (Jazz Alley).

All have information on the nightlife in Frankfurt, with the latest on bars and nightclubs…available at the tourist information center.

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