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This is a legacy of the socially stratified (and still Brussels Metro Map segregated) society in which the rich saw no need to educate the poor. Fourth, in Brussels Metro Map most countries, cities are the engines that power economic and other forms of development. From the earliest period of settlement, the majority of Haitians have been tied to the land. First they were slaves working the plantations. After their emancipation, they became rural peasants who tried to eke out a living from the land. Most Haitians, even today, are squatters who do not own the land on which they live.

While in room 119, our gentle questions tried to find out who he was and why he did such a desperate deed. At one point Kat ask, “Can you tell us your name?” A possible EVP was captured but its very soft reply is almost undecipherable. Kat and I believe it says, “Hatchin” or “Atchin.”

A little later, trying to find out why he killed himself Lorena asked, “Did you kill yourself for love? Was your heart broken?” The clear, gentle response a few seconds later was “Emma.” Now we were never able to get any information on the suicide, but hearing those last words truly saddened us. Did he actually kill himself for love or did Emma mean something entirely different?

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