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Money is an important part of being able to afford to travel because travel costs money. So if you want to travel, but, you don’t have enough money well then this post is for, you that’s right because in this two-part series.

I’m going to teach, you how, you can afford to travel. So, this is part 1 how to save. And earn money to travel yes.

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I know we’re going to learn how to budget. And how to make money some alternating topics all of blog what is worth it trust me this post is worth it now there are 4 steps that we need to take. And understand to be able to state for travel.

So first we’re going to do is we’re going to budget for travel we’re going to create a budget. So we can know how much money we currently earn. And how much money we currently spend then we’re going to make a plan to save for travel where we’re going to ask ourselves can we spend less.

And can we earn more. So that is our four step breakdown of how we are going to afford to travel. So let’s be honest here how many of us actually have a budget.

And I’m not just talking about a guesstimate budget or an estimate budget. I’m talking about actual hard real facts, you are serious about wanting to travel we need to sit down.

And we need to make a budget. So for the next month. I want, you to download my handy dandy budget spreadsheet that.

I’ve created for, you links in the description. And record every single thing that, you earn and, you spend all month for one month fast forward one month. And assuming that, you have actually completed this.

And we are now going to take those numbers. And categorize them. And lay them out in my second spreadsheet that.

I’ve created for, you guys a budget spreadsheet. So we can see exactly how much we are earning. And how much we’re spending in the various categories this will give us a better picture of how much we make.

And how much we spend on everything. So then we can see what we can adjust if you are honest with yourself and, you should be honest with yourself when doing this because it will benefit, you you’re sending, it’s probably a lot higher than, you realize or maybe you’re spending in certain categories is a bit higher than, you realize. So now we are going to start filling out the second column of my budgets spreadsheet which is our adjusted travel budget our new budget that is going to allow us to save for travel.

And what we can increase is the money fields linen. So can we spend less needs versus one so I want, you to make a note when, you are going through all your expenses on whether that is something, you need to be spending money on or something, you want to be spending money on the goal is to minimize our current wants to almost zero.

And instead transfer that money to our new one which is travel. And for needs we’re going to go through. And reduce our current needs as much as we possibly can.

And then transfer all that to our travel now for each of the following categories. And for all of your needs, you really need to go through your own current life situation. And figure out what’s best for, you remember that travel is a luxury, it’s in the ones category.

So don’t go sacrificing everything in your life for it however we are going to have to make some sacrifices if we want to travel rent or mortgage probably your biggest monthly expense that means if we can reduce this that’s good for our budget how much are, you paying for renting can, you pay less can, you move to a different place can, you get more roommates and, you move in with friends or family changing your combination will have the biggest impact on your current lifestyle, but it has the potential to save, you the most amount of money vehicles. And transportation, you need that expensive of a car can, you get a cheaper car how much are, you paying your car insurance your car maintenance your car loans can, you sell your car or just put it in storage. And take off the insurance can take the bus how much do, you spend on ubers or taxis how about moving closer to work there are multiple ways to get from A to B.

And generally vehicles are going to be a very high cost for you. So if you can reduce this walking, it’s great exercise eating out food. So, it’s kind of important we do need to eat food, but uh how much.

And what type. And where we spend our money when it comes to food can make a big difference to our budget for the simple fact that have, you ever tallied up the amount of money that, you spend eating out each month each week or maybe, you will out for drinks are, you someone who grabs lunch on the go, you work in the office go to eat how about all those Starbucks drinks people love them Starbucks drinks they’re not very good for your budget. So simple tips like packing your lunches for work cutting back drastically on your eating out.

And going for coffees cut out coupons when, you go to the grocery store there are some really good coupon sales there’s a whole TV show about it. I just a lot of stuff in bulk and, you know make sure, you like it first, but bulk is great. And watch out for those alcoholic beverages because they add up.

And they are not good for anybody’s budget no no no entertainment renting movies grabs movies going out to the club going for a drink these things cost money Netflix Apple iTunes all the various music streaming software Spotify this keep going entertainment for the most part is a luxury. And when we’re saving for another luxury which is travel we kind of need to pick one or the other. I pick travel makeup clothes.

And beauty this one’s for, you too guys whenever. I am saving up for travel. I always go back to my natural hair color.

I tend to dye my hair less as, you can see currently saving up for travel. I also cut down on all of my other Beauty expenses. And buying more clothes because do, you really need more clothes chances are no most people have a sufficient amount of clothes, you don’t need more of it fees now.

I’m not a financial advisor, but debt is something that pretty much everybody has see if in any way that, you can lower the your interest payments on your debt or if there’s any other thing that, you can do to help lower that amount or the amount that, you pay while also still saving up for travels because just because, you have debt doesn’t mean, you can’t travel. I’ve traveled while still having debt, it’s all about managing it. And having a payment plan.

And a budget in place there are a lot of ways to save money and I really encourage, you to do way more research into all the various ways that, you can save money. And examine.

And go through your budgets. And your expenses. And really be hard do some hard cuts here guys again travel is a luxury, it’s a sacrifice, it’s a one.

So if you want it you’ve got to make sacrifices for it now we’re going to go through the second table in the adjusted travel budget part of our worksheet. And add in those new adjusted expenses after we’ve gone through. And seen every single possible option of what we can do to cut expenses here.

And there. And put that money into our new travel savings fund. So now even after all of our budgeting if that number still seems low the amount that you’re going to save each month for travel still seems low well that’s when part four comes in to help, you can we earn more that’s right if we can’t cut any more expenses without like kicking us out onto the streets then we need to make more money because the amount that we’re making is not enough for us to be able to save for travel first things first let’s start with our jobs as that’s how we earn money is how most of us earn money.

And if we’re not earning enough money well then we got to fix that can, you change jobs. And get a better paying job yes. I’m actually talking about quitting your current job.

And getting a better paying job can, you get a second job can, you get part-time or temporary work flexible work is out there, but can, you fit it into your schedule can, you offer your skillset as a service to others can, you find internet-based work there are a lot of online jobs that, you can do remotely such as a virtual assistant a coach or a tutor a customer service representative or better yet can, you do your current work or mostly now honestly a lot of jobs can be done abroad. So ask your work if you can work from abroad if you can work from wherever, you want to go travel to or maybe there is an intercompany transfer that, you can ask for in a different part of the world ask your current employer if, this is a possibility can, you get a working holiday visa which is a visa that lets, you work legally in another country while also traveling great actually in many posts on it links down below running errands or odd jobs ask around. And see if anybody needs something done for them, you could go dog walk, you can wash people’s cards.

And then just of course make sure that it pays, you some money, you know those college parties, you go to ask the host if you can remove. And collect all the empty bottles at the end of the night can, you rent out your place. So list may be listing it on Airbnb or if, it’s a house.

And there’s extra rooms, you can list those or rent those out to a roommate give gifts are a great way to earn more money because people are going to give them to, you anyway. I’m talking about birthdays holidays graduation celebration or anniversaries anytime there is a kind of gift-giving ask for travel, but better yet ask for money for travel sell your stuff, you have a lot of stuff that, you don’t need. And aren’t using sell it, you can make a lot of money a lot of cash from selling your stuff.

I’ve sold hundreds. And hundreds of dollars worth of old stuff. I’m talking about Sporting Goods old clothes old like equipment gear camera stuff tool ladders there are a lot of items in your house worth a lot more than, you realize.

So if you aren’t using them sell them, it’s also good for like minimalism too super trendy right now. So clear yourself with a burden of stuff while also making money make sure, you listed on your local classifieds order yard sale or within friends or. I’m sure there’s like 50 apps to sell your stuff now.

I’m pretty sure there is well then. I hope, you have enjoyed this post. And, it’s giving, you some tips.

And advice on how, you can kick-start your travel budget. And start saving money. And creating ways that, you can fund your travels because, you can afford to travel, you really can, you just have to make the sacrifices you’ve got to do that budget you’ve got to figure out ways to earn more money you’re not making enough money do it because, you can make it happen if you put hard work into it.

I believe in, you guys. And gals. So do it and I can’t wait to see where all your troubles thank you. So don’t forget to go check out part 2 of this post which is then taking our money that we’ve currently earned. And budgeted in this post.

And figuring out how to best spend it. And stretch it. And get the best bang for our buck when it comes to travel.

So that’s this post right here go give a little watch if, it’s not there, it’s going to be up in a few days time thank, you guys. So much for reading this post give it a thumbs up we need a comment down below on any other additional money saving or money earning tips that, you have suffering to comment to my youtube blog see, you guys again in a few days time with another post bye.

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