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Doug continues to maintain his practice in Orange County, where Budapest Map he counts sports, music, and film celebrities among his clients. The Haucks’ eclectic sense of Budapest Map style is especially evident in the tasting room, which stands at the edge of a parklike lawn dotted with white oaks and picnic tables. The clean lines and smooth, steel- troweled walls of the snow-white structure create a bold impact amid the rural setting. The building, a melding of the refined esthetics of both Doug and Kim Hauck, is just under a thousand square feet and includes an airy space for wine tasting, as well as a barrel room splashed with red and black accents. Tall windows and glass doors admit natural light, while allowing sweeping views of the Merlot vines that border the lawn and cafe-style seating on the patio. A rough-hewn rectangular table doubles as a tasting bar.

This was the start of six weeks of twelve- to fifteen-hour workdays felling the trees, removing their bark, hauling them back to the cabin site with the horses, trimming them to equal lengths, notching them, setting them in position, and caulking the seams with moss. Though the tasks were varied, the work was repetitive.

We kept no clock and no calendar. We lived outside of time, in a world our little daughter was discovering with wondering eyes. And we were with her twenty-four hours a day, which was truly one of the great benefits of this journey. It made us smile happily to hear her laugh ring out as she played by the water with her best friend, Otchum. And it made us smile again when we thought of all the people who had thought we were crazy to take our little girl along on such an adventure. In our cabin beside the big lake bathed in light, so free, so happy, with our dogs, and with the majesty of the mountains all around, we were crazy, it’s true crazy with happiness.

Building the Log Cabin of Your DreamsBlength so the next log will fit into the groove.

Packed moss, about four inches thick

Small pine log split lengthwise

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