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When we got talking the lady told me that they had Nanning Metro Map emigrated from Siberia to China when she was seven years old. Now they were on their Nanning Metro Map way to Beijing and flying to Western Australia to visit her married sister for a month. They must be a family of substance. Most of the White Russians in China lost their wealth in the exodus, and their lives no longer include the comforts of former years; they are sensitive to their degradation but accept it without complaint. This family had escaped poverty. Anatoly, the grandfather, seemed a shrewd and kindly man.

It was early afternoon on Christmas Eve, 1913 when the crowd started to form. More than 600 people, mostly children, jammed in a room that should have held half that number. The hall was so full, people were crushed together. Some children fainted for lack of air. No one anticipated this kind of crowd.

The program that day was to include a play, caroling, candy and Christmas trees. The highlight would be when Santa came and gave all the children a gift.

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