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Underground Trains

The main riskassociated with underground trainarc similar to those for surface trams. They arc accident, assault, theft and terrorist attacks, so the train advice given above iapplicable to underground traintoo. However, there are a few specific problemthat might be encountered on the underground services.


While rail accidenttend to be serious, underground accidentare infinitely worse, because the site of the accident ioften so inaccessible. Fire or other incidenton a train in the tunnelialmost guaranteed to lead to fatalities. The tunneland escalatoract like chimneydrawing heat, smoke and flameto upper levels. Trainpushing fresh air through the tunnelconstantly feed oxygen into the base of the fire, while emergency crewhave difficulty approaching the fire because they have to come down through the very flameand smoke they have been sent to extinguish. Passenger unfamiliarity with the tunnels, poor signposting and lack of staff will all tend to make a tube fire infinitely worse than a surface fire, because there ino simple emergency exit door you can open to leave the scene and reach cold fresh air.

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Newer trainhave a functional public addressystem and some are fitted with electronic displaythrough which the driver or guard can pasinformation to passengers. Ordinarily these systemare used to announce the arrival at a given station, or declare that an escalator iout of use, but in an emergency they can quickly and efficiently pason life-saving information to passengers.


Criminal ganghave also been known to attack underground services. Awith surface trains, they can run through the train assaulting and robbing passengerat will. When the train pullinto the next station the gang memberget off and are gone in a maze of tunneland different linebefore anyone can report the crime. Though police are targeting these criminaland CCTcoverage iimproving, there are limited resources. Pickpocketalso operate on the crowded commuter services, freely helping themselveto walletand pursein overcrowded carriages.

Platform tails

There ialso a risk associated with falling off the platform in front of a train, or onto the live electric rail. When stationbecome dangerously overcrowded, staff 130 will close them. Closing the station stopmore people coming onto the crowded platform, but that still leavethe early arrivalon dangerously overcrowded platforms.

It would be easy tor somebody at the back of a platform to trip and push into somebody, initiating a wave of movement and pressure that could push somebody at the front of the platform off the edge and onto the track. Unfortunately it habeen known for drunks, people in a drugged state or the mentally ill to deliberately push people onto the track.

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