Best Travel Destinations In India

Best Travel Destinations In India

We certainly don’t have to wait until January 1, any year, to make a resolution to start to do some serious travelling. We can do that anytime and start anytime. But, first, we need to evaluate our life and lifestyle; and, come to the realisation that, going forward, living must revolve around travel which must become an important ingredient.

While it might be argued that water, food and shelter are the staples of living, even these might need to be manipulated to allow you to include travel which should certainly rank before the “bells and whistles” of shelter and transportation.

During the times that I was a full time Collier encyclopedia salesman in Vancouver; and, a part time vacuum cleaner, waterless cookware and VCR salesman in Toronto, I learned a lot about the varying lifestyles of the various ethnic groups.

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Homes of poor black people had the most beautiful and expensive chesterfields and broadloom carpet, stoves and fridges; and, the poorest would surprise you with their nice suits, dresses and shoes; but, they did not go out to dine as a family or travel or save for their children’s college education.

I was in homes of other races that had bland looking, old style, second hand furniture, stoves and fridges; and, heard the friendly folk say that they eat out and travel regularly as a family; and, that they were saving money for their children’s college education.

In fact, in the late 1990s, a rich American visitor to Anguilla met with me at Serenity restaurant on Shoal Bay East to talk about me selling and he buying my publishing and printing business. I did buy a printing press in 1994 with the intention of offering printing service; but, had a problem getting a trained and experienced press person.

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