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Circle Line 2-Hour Best of Manhattan Cruise

I’m really excited. This post we’re on the semi-circle cruise and we’re going to see some of the best sights in New York. Let’s take a look. It’s a beautiful day in New York City, the wind’s blowing through my hair. I feel on top of the world. The best part was the Statue of Liberty. Being that close on the Circle Line Cruise, that made it so wonderful, so awesome. It was exciting. This tour is an amazing way to stop off and see a great photo opportunity at the Statue of Liberty. Check this out right now, we’re about to go under the Brooklyn Bridge. Whoo! So I’ve seen the view from downstairs but let’s see what’s upstairs. I want to go on the top deck. It’s really cool actually to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. I really like cruising around the New York Harbor at a relaxed pace. A very unique view of the city, and there is really nothing else like this in New York. So we’re just pulling into the dock now, and I’ve had a really great trip. I’ve seen a great perspective of New York from all angles. I’ve learnt about the history and I’ve seen some of New York’s most famous landmarks. I definitely recommend this trip.

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Circle Line 3-Hour Complete Manhattan Cruise

It is a beautiful sunny day here in New York City, and I am on the Circle Line taking a cruise around the entire island, it’s gonna be a lot of fun, let’s go! So now we’re passing by Lower Manhattan, the financial district, it’s absolutely incredible. When you’re on the island of Manhattan, you don’t get to appreciate the beauty of Lady Liberty, but when you’re on this boat, you get up close with the most beautiful woman in America, the Statue of Liberty. Being that close on the Circle Line cruise that made it so wonderful is exciting. We are now passing by Brooklyn, if it were it’s own city, it’d be the fourth largest city in America. Right here is the Brooklyn Bridge, and we’re gonna pass right on under it. Something I never realized about New York is there are tons of bridges and some of them are this turnstile ones, some are big and majestic. It just goes to show how many people actually have to get in and out of New York City every day. You know, it’s really fun to see all these sights in real life, sights that I’ve only seen in TV and the movies but what’s really fun is that the tour guide explained the history about everything around the entire island. So I’ve been with Circle Line about 26 years and there is really nothing else like this in New York. I’m glad you came along with us, hope you enjoyed the day. That was a great way to spend an afternoon here in New York City. We went around the entire island, I saw all sorts of amazing sights, I learned a few facts and the most important thing, I had a lot of fun.

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