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I hope you enjoyed this trip with us – or maybe used it as a cautionary tale to do your homework before you load up the car and hit the road.

Trains and Railway Attractions Along the Way

Knowing not everyone would get a kick out of railroad centered photography and scenes, I opted to relegate them to Bonus Material for anyone interested. (UP 8000 (AC45CCTE) breaching a tunnel opening near Rye Valley, Oregon, August 03, 2014)

Cheap Vacations In America Photo Gallery

And not just trains, but train-associated topics like rail-served industry and operations like this classic grain elevator on a cool, moist Bozeman, Montana morning – from multiple views, of course, for anyone interested in railroad modeling. (BG Grain, August 5, 2014, Bozeman, MT)

Huge tower blocks now dominate the south shore. The travel destination was culverted for about a mile through this big housing development, so cutting it again was another major undertaking, carried out with the usual flair of the Millennium Link restorations. The new crossings that were needed have played havoc with the numbering of the bridges. The next, after an overspill, is 5AA, and is twinned with an older bridge which does not have a number. To work past the dominating, quite stylish tower blocks, we have Bridges 6, 6A, a black horizontal footbridge, and 6B (all in MM form). Beside another tree sculpture seat, of a frog, there’s a long section of moorings. Bridge piles on bridge again: a high arched footbridge, another horizontal black one, and Bridge 6C, beside which is a dock with a dragon sculpture (south bank). Residential moorings (and winding hole) are unused (no security from vandalism). Bridge 7 follows (milestone 4/27) then, with ever-increasing traffic roar, there’s a last black footbridge and an overspill. The travel destination re-emerged here during the years of culverting, and now swings right – the Murray Burn goes under – to reach Calder Quay/Bridge 8 Hub and the last tree sculpture, of otters and swans this time.

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