50 Best Travel Destinations

50 Best Travel Destinations

Talk with your friendly travel agent! In addition, go and have friendly chats with travel agents in your city or near your home, business or place of work. Eventually, you will choose one to my blog your first flight or cruise, if you don’t feel comfortable my bloging it online yourself.


It’s imperative that you learn all you can about travelling generally; but, especially the kind that you prefer or plan to do; for, each type has its do’s and don’ts; its unique requirements and challenges; and, of course, its varying costs and experiences.

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Undeniable Fact!

The more you know, the better and more affordable your travel experiences will be. You will save; get more value for your money; make wiser choices before and during your travel; and, increase your enjoyment and overall satisfaction.

Of course, the likelihood of beginner mistakes and errors is there; but, the more informed and prepared you are, the fewer mistakes and errors you will make.

Nobody wants to learn through travel trial and error! Yet, if it ever happens to you, you must not ever let it deter you. Always remain passionate about travelling. Never surrender the freedom it brings to your life.

I am proof that much is possible, once there is the will. If you still have any doubts about making the plunge in travelling, rate your chances against those I had in 1960 as I hoped and waited to get a US$37 a month civil service job, I being a recent high school graduate.

Six months later, I was hired as a Magistrate’s clerk. I could have travelled to the US Virgin Islands as many of my peers did. Instead, I had my sights not on the US$20 a week there; but, on going as soon as possible to study in England as a lawyer.

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