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Sandwiched between the Lake District National Park and the North York Moors National Park, it’s either a stone-waller’s heaven, or hell. The park has 8.5 times more stone walls than hedgerows, and nearly six times more stone walls than footpaths.

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AONB is not an item on the local parish council agenda, (Any Other Needless Business), but another countryside designation. Lesser-known than the much more famous national parks, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is still a fantastic place to explore on foot, and hikers in the know often choose these over the ever-popular national parks.

Created by the same act that led to national parks, there are 38 AONBs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scenically, they are just as beautiful as their national park cousins; they just don’t get the same number of visitors. This is because, while a national park authority has to preserve the landscape and promote the area as an outdoor playground, AONBs are designed to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Should a hiker mention an AONB they enjoy visiting, a bluffer should always wink, tap the side of their nose, and nod their head twice to acknowledge that a precious secret has been shared. AONBs are where the real hikers go. National parks are for tourists looking for nice views from the car park.

When your granny told you to put a jumper on because you were cold and she was too mean to put another lump of coal on the fire, she was actually training you to be a hiker.

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