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Perhaps the nomads’ success in living their insecure existence comes from Shenyang Metro Map not believing in or clutching at the illusion of stability. Their yurt homes show what we Shenyang Metro Map house-dwellers may have forgotten, that security is a state of mind. More people, pack oxen and herds kept arriving but the camp didn’t get crowded, they just spread out further across the open space. People hurried to and fro, horses whinnied and snorted. It being springtime, many animals had produced their young; baby goats played jumping, butting games with each other, and there were kittens, calves and foals. When the men decided to begin the making of kumis, their national drink of fermented mare’s milk, they had to start by wrestling the foals away from the mares.
As the afternoon progressed, the youngsters, in their eagerness, began to push towards the stage. Big Annie tried to control the children; but they were just too excited. It was decided to shorten the program. After leading a few carols, Santa arrived and began distributing gifts. That’s when the children excitedly rushed the stage. Annie called out that if they didn’t get back no one would get anything.

It was during this chaos that a man came up from the stairs and entered the room. No one paid attention until he yelled, “Fire … fire!” One of the parents, Mrs. Shiver, knowing there was no fire tried to quiet him down. He turned from her and was gone.

Mayhem instantly broke out. The cry of fire exploded across the hall. Pushing through the panic-driven crowds, frantic parents rushed to find their children. Others charged the single staircase in a desperate effort to get out.

Over 600 children and their families crowded this small area.

The photo was taken the day after.

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