Morning guys.

So breakfast basically what. I got a like mangoes grapes blueberries healthy and I’ve got since like Oh flapjack like granola bar.

And then we’re going to on Monday alright guys. So for lunch. I was feeling very tired and I just wanted like to get some takeaway. And come back to my room. And eat so.


I got one of my favorite shops Marcus Russ restaurant I’ll take it started in closed restaurant. I feel like, it’s almost like a fast-food chain here in London. And that’s press print or preach.

I don’t know how, you say it. I call it pret um, but yeah good evening my god alright. So, this is my first item it is a vegan falafel hummus salad look at that um.

So yeah we’ve got some pomegranates. I think those are almonds some butternut squash there’s the falafel some veg don’t know what that is. I guess I’ll find out along with a beet juice, this is a cold-pressed juice which is apples carrots beetroot.

And a little bit of ginger yum yum yum. So. I’m that.

And then. I also got a water as well because. I like to drink a lot of water you’re gonna hear me say that, but.

I’m screwed on my bed looks like a winner lunch accomplished alright guys. So for dinner. I Vietnamese French restaurant oh, this is located in the Leicester house.

I did some new buildings. And we’re trying it out, it’s right into the heart of London if you want try to tell in Chinatown order no with its lacking. I may know her as more bubble good it does look really good we ordered like a bunch of stuff what do we stuff what do we got here that called like a Chinese sauce on it, it’s been bright young.

And then we got this was like a steamed rice to go with the cod coconut rice these are pork buns if you know these are quite common. And then. I got a papaya salad, it’s like yes in this papaya salad there’s like cashews.

And carrots and I think shallots papaya obviously. And, it’s like tangy salad.

And there’s saffron rice we’re getting spritzers. And it all looks really good we don’t know yet because we haven’t tried okay guess we go alright guys thank you. So much for reading this post.

I hope, you enjoyed this insider look of what. I eat a day in London now, this is the new post series that. I’ve started.

So please let me know your feedback. And what, you think of this as. I am planning to do this in every country that.

I visit give, you guys bit of an insider look at this food that is all over the world. So yeah let me know down below. And don’t forget to hit the comment button.

And I’ll see, you guys again in a few days time with another post bye. ?

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