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Welcome to learn we’re deciding to catch the training is we ended up getting half of a couple of Oyster cards. Because it is so much cheaper to just catch the train, and like I think 10 minutes slower than a cab please tablet what 40 50 50 pounds yeah it’s going to cost us like six pounds probably to get into the insulite where we need to go instead of being like 60 pounds on a cab, and it’s like an hour on the train for like 15 minutes in a capsule like we’re going to do that so much cheaper how good does it feel to be cold again it’s like 14 degrees like all year we haven’t been told. So it’s like nice to have polar air, I’m so glad we decided to come here we were chasing the summer, and we did for a good year.

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But now it’s time to have a little bit of college is like 14 degrees I was so funny for the people on the plane behind us if you’re about like London is having a wind to be like you know anything now that’s a bit stereotypical. But they were like gone like no like we’ve been on holiday we’ve missed correlation three, and our attendance having such a lovely jazz it was so hilarious honestly reminded me so much of when we can explore Europe with lesser stuff object reserved I classes with casual just walking to their sister, and Jess is provided through the internet what have you got there iced coffee laughing yummy I wonder if any oh hi below you were around we are doing – hey a heart we had like a Eurail pass, and that is honestly such a good way to travel Europe you all will leave a link below to all your applause, and just check them all out, I’m sure we look through different guys we just got to our hotel with Seine a citizen M in an area called shortage which is like the art district of London just walking in there with. So many cool things I wanted a post. But we need to check in give you guys a room too, and then we’ll go out find it for it’s the cafe Dover coffee, and show you around the area is actually really cool hello the soldiers had a big smile on her face the entire walk in even though I was testing on the doors closing they look left look right wasn’t sure where to check in just as like well the checking gate is right here teaching gate until you’ve seen that thank you something in the air for let’s see if it works checking us under Perry let’s see who they put it under Perry or Valentine yeah this is so easy I’ve never checked into a hotel like this.

But your he never caused any personality it is an M low floor or we can pick where we want to do you see with you I don’t know though high floor under for a high school okay okay not for the done this before the charges Exeter I don’t think we get complimentary breaking awesome okay I’ve never got much football. So we need to take a card Oh what, and you make your own room oh my god is in our room number where we say verily 51 we never even spoke to a single person this is the introverts hotel oh yeah look at the bed tops right on the window Oh a lot there we picked a good room it actually felt kind of cool picking the room is nice guys this is our room look at that view, I’ll show you it soon welcome this is a little TV trans officer it is very funky that’s awesome yeah this is where we going to stay for the night, and then we’re going to be checking out another one of their hotels tomorrow got a bit of a view of London just over there I found this city guide, and it told you ten words to know, and like phrases to know before you come to England, and I want to see how we know them Steve hit me with your best shot I haven’t feeling any pretty good cuz Australia Duck you similar like worth it quit Oh pound money blue toilet cheers Cheers what excuse me – us – what – engineers like thank you yeah yeah yeah naked like, I’m so tired chat. So the talk yeah I died right. But there are some phrases like that I didn’t think I haven’t heard of before what some having a knees up mean come on rely ease up nice to have a part on my own these up to have some karate, and another one I hadn’t heard of spend a penny like get something explosives no it’s to go to the bathroom what I don’t spend a penny know this couple that we know like chinwag what’s up having your chin why watch anyone having like a good comment over someone having a good old chinwag we say have any yarn nah I in my family beseeching we’re definitely weird couple of pints yeah go for a drink Bob’s your uncle actually don’t nobody on Queen I’ve used it. But what is it like saying to say oh how do I get to a place like oh you turn left you turn around Bob your uncle like an there you are how did they say it that’s how they say your uncle like you know I think to me the biggest thing is that these are just substandard words that you forget that Americans never announcer you know if you say these things like the obvious having a Barney from the party no how do you 30 I have an open a bottle you how about having an argument if you’re having a bar near having an argument with someone 7 is here what are you some is pear-shaped it was like gone wrong yeah, and then last one it’s not my cup of tea yeah I don’t like it yeah it’s like not your thing speaking of cops of team literally when were in the plane, and we landed I kid you not I felt like a cup of tea what is it with England, and craving cups of tea also Lee why are you in France, and not here in the UK I wanted to have some crumpets at your house and, I’m pretty offended right now we shuttle popular tonight yes I definitely want my first meal in the UK to be in a pub some pub grub let’s do it cool cool London cafe as they do what is that yeah they are both really normal exam guys this is a peak middle of summer right now in Lander nice if we like jumped ISM team, and we did not actually at all ii want to lug around winter clothes. So are there to thank you must shop, and achieve she like never again that would pay off the first time experience is like jeans jumpers now yeah on a put monday jumper on my god primer call new jeans new jumper ready to hit the town. So go be epic tourists tomorrow.

Because today we pretty much waste of the day doing all this some traveling, and then we really really need to go, and get a couple of warm things. Because UK was a little bit earlier than we expected for the summer that’s okay tonight we actually going to go, and hang out with some friends some other used to living here in london what’s the time now of 8 o’clock was not on at 8 o’clock in croatia 7 o’clock well ok prones waste your name seriously, I’m so glad we have one more day in London tomorrow anyway okay guys we got guys we up guys we are always like we’re meant to meet at 7:00, and then they send a message at 7:01 going you guys are late let’s do it with 4 minutes late which one too many elevators in yeah yeah ok we found a very cute English street, and going to either poet to have a pub grub due to our scenario red modern men hive. But willing to give at a pub I’ve gotten my search in severe alcoholic. But it’s the first one at home to be both perfect week not Cheers first ginger beer in my house in London literally drowning, I’m jealous of your chip even, I’m so British Muscatine, and if you like what you see we kind of like the toys got the burgers, and the girls got the bear it looks good though we finally got our pub meal test it was so awesome to finally meet you guys had a really cool night thank you well bye guys.

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