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In the last post, we hiked the full circuit in Torres del Paine in days. Now, we explore more of the park and introduce you to some day tours and locals before finishing the Patagonia Expedition in style with some typical drinks and glacier ice. The Torres del Paine National Park is located in southern Patagonia, km north of Puerto Natales, and is one of the largest and most visted national parks in Chile. There are several ways of experiencing this impressive place. For hiking lovers, the W trek is the most popular multiday route, as you get to see the highlights of the park within or days.

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The name of the trek derives from the shape of the route, which pretty much looks like the letter W. But if you are a true outdoor lover, and you’ve got more time, I definitely recommend doing the full circuit trek, which includes the W, but also the back side of the park with more glaciers, lakes, and incredible views. A trek I did two times already, so make sure to check out the previous post to see what it is like to hike the W and the full circuit. Day tours are another great option to get to know the park. The day hike up to the Torres from the Hotel Las Torres is most popular by Chileans. Now, let me show you more recommendable options where we use the Hotel Las Torres, which is famous for its Baqueano culture as our base and starting point. (Mauro) My name is Mauro Villegas. We work with horses. For me, Patagonia has no borders between Chile and Argentina, there is just Patagonia as such. It is a place where it is about traditions. Like, you can see when you look at me. The pioneers colonized this area and I try to preserve their way of life, which means to not pollute or exploit nature here. And this place is simply beautiful. Good morning. We are about to explore the other side of the park in the next few days. And we are starting on horses. Where are we going? To Huella de Puma.

And we’re going to see the Torre from another perspective. So, we finished the part with the horses, and now we’re going for the top to see the Torres from the other side. Kristin, how do you feel after finishing the circuit and going for another great hike? (Harold) My name is Harold. I work here in Torres del Paine as a touristical guide. For me, Patagonia is the feeling of freedom, large open spaces and the power of nature, a combination of things [you can experience] in just a short amount of time. Right now, this is everything to me: the reason to live and to be here. Another day, another horseback ride. And today, we’re exploring the Lago Nordernskjöld, which is here next to us. And behind us is the Paine massif. And over there, is Kristin on a horse. She looks so happy.

It’s our last day here and we decided to go on the full Paine tour. This is the possibility to see Torres del Paine in one day. We’re going to go along this road here and see all different angles of the mountain massif that we haven’t seen on the circuit. So, we’re now at the Salto Grande, which is over there in the back. And if you walk a little bit further, you can see the Paine Grande, and Los Cuernos. And now, we’re at the Lago Grey. And we’re about to go on the boat excursion to see the glacier in the back, Glacier Grey. And when you’re at Glacier Grey, you have pisco sour-with glacier ice. So with the boat trip to the famous Grey Glacier, we finish out our time in Torres del Paine National Park. This means also, we are finished with our Patagonia Expedition. Which, led us through two countries, through Argentina and Chile, to one of the most incredible regions in Patagonia. Thanks for reading. See you next time. Saludos. Saludos. Keep traveling around the world with me every Thursday by subscribing to this blog. If you want to replicate our trip, or parts of it, you should use my detailed related travel guides. Where, I give you all information needed, including detailed hiking guides, recommendations for routes, and places to stay. Check out also, Kristin’s articles on her blog. Thanks for reading, and see you next time. I don’t like the ham. Time for sandwiches. Kristin doesn’t like the ham.

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