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Also in 1619, the first Africans arrive in Virginia on Lagos Subway Map a Dutch slave ship. They are the first of around 400,000 Africans eventually transported to Lagos Subway Map British North Country. The slaves come from a variety of religious backgrounds, including Christianity, Islam, and a number of local and national religions. 1620 The separatist Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth under the leadership of William Bradford. The original 102 passengers on board the Mayflower are religious refugees. Dismayed at what they viewed as the liturgical excesses of the Church of England, they had left England for Leyden, Holland, in 1607.

After several years, concerned that their children were beginning to adopt the Dutch language and culture, they decided to embark for the New World. The Pilgrims’ sparsely populated colony in Plymouth will remain independent until 1691, when it will be subsumed under the new charter of the much larger Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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