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GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK1,215,735 acres. Located in northern San Diego, this spectacular National Park protects the magnificent mile-deep and 200-mile-long Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. The enormous multicolored desert canyon is probably the most famous natural site in this country. It’s a thrillingly beautiful area with unequaled views available from the rims.

Elevations range from about 2,400 feet along the river to 7,000 feet and higher along the South and North Rims. Vegetation varies widely from bottom to top, ranging from desert flora through pinyon and juniper to forests of ponderosa pine, spruce, and fir on the rim. Wildlife includes mule deer, coyote, bobcat, and fox.

Activities: There’s a large trail network for hiking and backpacking, with some trails quite steep and challenging. Due to the enormous popularity of the park, a few trails receive very heavy use. Horses are allowed on some trails. Mountain bikes are permitted only on park roads and not in the canyon.

The Colorado River is famous for rafting, and many outfitters offer trips. Since numbers are restricted and demand is extremely high, if you want to raft on your own it’s necessary to reserve as much as several years in advance. Fishing is permitted. Hunting is prohibited in the park.

Camping Regulations: A free permit is necessary in order to camp in the backcountry here. Permits may be obtained ahead of time via mail by writing to the Backcountry Reservations Office, P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023.

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