DONT Do What We Stupid Travel Mistake

Hey guys welcome to post 2 of don’t do what we do we literally waited an airport for eight hours, and still missed our flight.

But let’s just rewind for a little bit. So we are currently in Peru hence why I put on a jumper. Because we’re back in altitude, and it’s a little bit chilly this morning 48 hours ago we left our hotel in borås Aires once again had some issues with bookings calm what hotel doesn’t take your money when you check in. But once all your money in cash at 2 a.m. in the morning. So we producers had to bail on our scary hotel, and be like we’ll pay you guys later, and caught a taxi to the airport, and then luckily got to Lima with no issues.

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But this is where the issues happen we’re in the Lima Airport waited 8 hours to catch our flight, and somehow we missed it literally last minute they changed our gate on us, and there were two companies that flied to cash my car, and they put the second company in where were meant to fly out. So we literally went to check in, and they’re like you’re at the wrong company you have to go to a different gate. So we clearly ran down, and we missed our flights were to wait another full day at the airport we literally spent 48 hours at that Lima Airport. But even a Wi-Fi losses internet for ants 246 a.m. let’s do this again here we are again hopefully work sister we made the flight groans later for one hour slice into the squinty or outlet. So again cut you maka maka we are finally yeah it is like 7:00 a.m. in the morning.

And I haven’t had any sleep for the last two days. But welcome to cousin mark everybody this is very sane let her give you a room tour guys I need to give you a room tour of the place we’ve been staying in it is so cool this is probably the most unique place we stayed up. So far in Peru this this here heats up our shower, and inside there is a shower we’ve got our toilet, and our sink, and then up here is actually where we’ve been living you have to climb up these stairs, and then this is our room I’ve got a gigantic bed storage it’s all made of mud by the way all our bags are just been chilling here we’ve been editing there, and yeah this is like the little things. So downstairs when we heat up that stove this heats up, and then it goes down into our shower it’s pretty cool yeah it’s super unique, and then we’ve got giant windows I see a view you can just see locals out there working, and they’re building something oh. So currently in the middle of nowhere on a farm, and yes this is where we’ve been getting our eggs in the morning from these chickens chicken behind my finger was in the wrong place, and yes there’s like chicken coop goals it’s like a little castle for them all.

So they look cows out there we’ve been getting our fresh milk for coffee in the morning it’s gonna cool you know to like live naturally of a lot of stuff this is where we been having breakfast every morning what is the US it all looks. So good we even have some like cooked sweet potato some cheese some fruit, and stuff you can have my avocado guys you know the people love that guinea pigs. So have a guinea pig farm you know those babies. But have you ever seen a pregnant guinea pig no look how fat he is anytime look at the babies oh don’t scare oh my god she’s fit through there come on she’s too fat we need some outside. Because we literally just spent over a date in an airport. So we found a famous hi Karen cajamarca that gives you amazing views over the city, and the locals use it every Easter. Because you follow these crosses, and at the top there’s a giant cross, and they actually come up here, and do mass on Easter – Diaz Jesus dog.

But it gives you an epic view of the city, and now you want to see how remote we are right now. Because this city is tiny probably compared to any other city we’ve been to. So far altitude again guys two point two thousand eight hundred meters high. So yeah this just shows you how remote it is farmland beautiful green lush farm, and then that’s I assume we haven’t been to the city yet. But that looks like the CBD there, and then I think the airport’s over there Umbreon Peruvian car wash. So the public transport here improves super interesting it’s a two-man job you got the driver, and you have this dude here he just jumps out screaming where you need to go. So the hats here in Cajamarca are different to everywhere else in Peru.

So interesting seem like three different styles you see the traditional one in my crews Cove when we went out to the islands they wore like a bowler hat, and I know this sounds. So bad. But every time I see the Hat here in Cajamarca I think of that scene from The Simpsons where Homer has to make the taco hat, and he’s like eating it, and it’s like nachos, and he’s dipping it in this arrived at our kindergarten placement this morning, and the kindergarten is from like three to five year olds with locals who just can’t live around the area. So the local teachers just found a space here in the city being in a country where unfortunate they’re not as fortunate as we are they just have to make do with what space they have I mean it’s honestly right in front of a construction side right here it looks like a bit of a shipping container. But the classroom has character it’s very cute she’s currently breakfast times, and the kids at the kindergarten, and get fed breakfast, and lunch, and we’ve just arrived in time to dish out some breakfast for them they even have a classroom dougie called Casper hello thank mrs. breakfast time I think he’s looking for some snacks krytus we’re gonna be starting our first lesson of the days. Because they’re only in kindy they’re currently learning their numbers colors letters.

So today, I’m going to be doing numbers with them, and the colors patty synapse the end of a lesson, and the kids are drawing anything they want to know the word is in English you might throw a dog, and then we can write down, and have some new English word hello we just finished teaching for the day, and I had a little knock on our trap door, and I volunteer corner is the sweetest lady she’s brought us up. So Mike tea, and cookies this is so nice of her is exactly what I feel like right now okay, I’m just whipping out all the fun facts yeah see this Plaza the square here did not realize that this is probably one of the most historical spaces here in Peru, and it’s just in a town that Nullah tourists will come to rely cajamarca is not a place service on people’s priority. But this is pretty much where the Incan Empire ended like they capture the king, and the Spaniards just took over, and that was just the end of it, and this square is pretty much where they killed the king, and by the way another fun fact calm down guys getting better there’s travel facts. But Inca means king the Incan empires like the Kings people for the earth this is where it all ended jumping in some tuk tuks to get the lagoon he’s gonna be bumpy Wow that was an experience guys there’s no school on Saturdays which means we have the day off. So we decided to come out to Lake st. Nicholas I don’t think many of you guys would have heard of it.

Because there’s quite a small family-run Lake, and it’s super interesting. Because I can come out here, and you spend the day what we’re gonna do is start off with going on this lake right here with the reed boats similar to Lake Titicaca, and it’s gonna end with a lunch, and the lunch is pretty much gonna be prepared with all the local ingredients made from the lake. So we’re gonna have like trout from the lake they’ve made potatoes over there the carnivals there are some some guinea pigs for them to eat. So caroling walking on the lake at the moment just heading out, and of course they have the reed boats just over here which is I think it’s so cool that they can just make from their natural environment just a way of transportation this is one of the boats that they made out of reeds interesting I’d like to say by land. But an integral standing on land. So quiet, and peaceful on the lake is so clear.

So just jumped off, and this is the restaurant that the family owns, and we’re gonna have lunch yeah this is lunch, and the trappers got from the the lake, and then the potatoes from their farm, and then the vegetables as well it’s kind of cool our guide is such an entrepreneur he’s the chef the taxi driver the guide our boat driver Oh.

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