It’s Tuesday November 3rd a 2018 it is 65 degrees today. So what’s that 73 degrees no way it’s not 73 my dad said it’s 76. But I don’t think it ever got that, and snapchat can’t be wrong Kenneth let’s just make our way there oh these chains are so Ted I can’t get on my bike we were gonna ride around most likely head towards the park just. Because just. Because it’s so nice today this is nice Jessica I really think you should invest in a bike I don’t think yeah you really should. Because that way then you can go ride with me when, I’m cruising around the city.


So we’re biking down Park Avenue, and we see these people in costumes in the median it was like American Horror Story meets Alice in wonder yeah they were in these weird costumes, and then I see this older looking guy with a big white beard, and his scarf, and his uh yeah looks like Santa Claus in his bandana, and it was Bruce Weber he’s a pretty big photographer a pretty big photographer he’s the guy that used to shoot all the Abercrombie stuff yeah I met him my first year I moved to New York I had a casting at his studio, and I was really excited, and then nothing happened that’s how most casting yeah that’s how most castings are that was weird though, and it’s funny isn’t that really random Kevin yeah that was that was probably for like Vanity Fair or something like that I feel like even just riding around the city like little leisure rides like this you just see stuff like that. Because even just today you’re like oh you never know who you see or actually it’s so weird cuz I I like oh wait wait after the light after the light Jessica will tell her story basically Eric was like I need to make some big decisions, and they’re gonna change the course of my entire life did I sound like that exactly I got to your text message, and then I was like you know any little decision that you make can completely change your life, and you don’t even know it can be something as little as like deciding to go to a different coffee place and. So, I’m on the subway and, I’m running late stars gonna go to the faster way let’s stop. So you know you can talking all right. So you’re on the subway. So I was going to a training session I was late my trainer is very like if you’re late, I’m sending you home you’re done good job like that’s it, and I’m and, I’m still charging you. So I don’t like to be late.

But I was late, and I was going to go the faster way. But I was like you know what screw it, I’m just gonna go my normal way and. So I run in the train I just make it, and this guy runs in after me, and the doors like closed on him, and he’s like pushing through them trying them open hi movin yeah, and it turns out that he was some guy who like pitches TV show he’s responsible for when they see a rerun of SNL that’s. Because he put it in that time slot, and he placed it there all right long story short, I’m sorry sorry you never know who you’re going to meet or what’s going to happen when you make the little decisions that you think that you won’t even like this even like going for a little bike ride, and then we see Bruce Weber yeah that was so weird I had to text my friend James Nixon James doesn’t watch the posts. But James would have loved that I know it’s so funny. Because even this we were supposed we were going to go somewhere else yeah we’re gonna go to the restaurant yeah, and then we wouldn’t did this instead this is a lot better though, and the spend.

So many times where I’ve like I’ve gone to do something, and then I decided like oh no I won’t do that, and I went like a weird different way or something like that, and I’ve run into a viewer something like that well there was a night was granted to like three viewers literally in a row I remember, and it was quick as Eric was like oh let’s walk this stupid way home. So let’s keep it all again we just got into Central Park I am actually really happy you’re seeing this. Because I feel like, I’m in the park every single day what’s that big ball I don’t know that’s new it’s we can’t get back doors closed off just follow me, I’m going to take you to all the good spot all the good foliage I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that Central Park was built for the sole purpose of being a giant movie set for the residents of New York City there’s a bridal shoot going on under that tree that I was at the past few days the light shining through look at those colors oh my goodness we just ran into Dylan, and I thought the whole time I was postging, and then I look at the camera after he leaves, and the camera wasn’t recording the whole time it was Jessica’s first time meeting Dylan, and Dylan’s first time meeting Jess, and I wasn’t recording it oh my gosh, I’m off my my postging game today huh you might have been recording already by accident, and then just hit the record button McGinnis stop I think I stopped it I think it was recording yeah.

I stopped it what a small world they’re like what are the chances that we run into Dylan on the Upper West Side I run into the guy that I ran we run into Bruce Weber, and small world what is that that’s a Caesar salad yeah Caesar salad late Rickon late brown rice dinner with a view of the sheep’s meadow, and the Jessica I really want to stay in one of the hotels that’s like right across from Kendall Park do you have the whole view of the park Lee which one you stay at point out uh somewhere over here maybe Essex House I don’t know, I’m gonna zoom in on the Essex House you want stearate right there wait wait actually just look at these balconies you wanna stay in one of those balconies I can imagine or imagine thing like up here at the suite of the Essex House there is a big clock with the time, and temperature at Columbus Circle, and guess how warm it is right now you can’t see I can’t read that part it’s 70 degrees out that’s amazing 70 degrees on November 3rd uh-oh you got the hiccups supposed to be 78 tomorrow – you’ve got the hiccups I only get one of them there’s a guy flying a drone I really high in air.

So we’re riding our bikes across the grass are you sorry go through that way far far that way this is fun fun to do bad things aah where’s exit I see it follow me keep going follow me my life with a nice little Central Park date we are stopping in the grass some ice cream little treat oh my gosh like.oh these flavors oh yeah do they have cotton candy no khon kaen okay thank you I will be outside you know I call that what I call that cheat day right there, and what is that that’s free pebble Cohen hug hug hug good okay I was a pretty telephone with Cookie Monster ice cream which is Oreo ice cream that’s loud it’s Cookie Monster ice cream which is Oreo ice cream cookie dough in it this is like my two favorite ice cream, and sprinkles guess that means please have a parity now you do mean I can smell that from here yeah I have the red velvet with your rainbow jimmies in a cup sprinkles Jimmie’s they’re sprinkles no this is this is like as a good date oh my god oh my god here in New York with your significant other okay what did you call me your significant other well it’s another person it could be a girl with a girl a girl with a boy okay good with boy who knows you have to go lentil parking on a sigma, and the guys group somewhere first off be back, and go Leo’s third what invest in a Newbury Street as well that’s what you do about it yeah just got done our ice cream.

I have a little bit of a brain freeze, and a full belly I have to get out that, I’m glad that I gotta tell ya the salad makes it a little better right yeah I make just a little bit better, and here we find the wild Jessica, and her natural habitat scoop what are you doing online shopping, and reading Hulu we just got back to the apartment I’ve been editing a post on my computer, and we have a good amount of mail here, and I was gonna open this tonight. But, I’m thinking we’re gonna wait till tomorrow I really want to open this one right here look at that wrapping paper the Pope without wrapping paper today was one of those really good days where the two of us could just ride around the city, and hang out, and I love today. Because we had no set plan there wasn’t you know a certain place that we wanted to go or anything like that we sort of just rode around the park, and days like today are honestly the days that I remember the most just.

Because they are just. So what’s the word for it. So easy such an easy day. So until tomorrow remember to smile more worry less live your passion if you guys like today’s date post give the post a thumbs up, and let us know leave us a comment down below lots of exciting stuff coming up towards the end of the week we actually have three collaborations coming at the end of this week in early next week and, I’m really excited for that. So until tomorrow everyone good night guys.

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