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Lima Peru City Sightseeing Tour

The best way to get to know about Lima is to take a Lima sight-seeing tour and we’re gonna see all the major sights in one day, so let’s go. If you take the sight-seeing in Lima in one day, you can learn many things about my country because you can mix the information between the pre-Columbian time and the Columbian time. This beautiful square behind me is the Plaza de Armas and this is the center of everything throughout time. This is where they had cock fights and bull fights. It’s ringed by cathedrals, this is the heart of Peru right here.

Map of Lima Peru City Photo Gallery

This place is a great spot to avoid the hustle and bustle of Lima. This is the cathedral here at the Plaza de Armas and this beautiful structure was built in the 1500’s. This is Parque del Amor which is lovers’ park and it’s based on Park Guell in Barcelona and as you could see, there’s all sorts of mosaic, benches and statues of lovers. This gem right here hidden in the center of Lima is the Santo Domingo Convent and it was build in the 16th century, and it’s a mix of old Spanish architecture and Moorish architecture and it is stunning. This sight-seeing tour is so much fun. I got to cruise around the entire city, learn a lot about the history, and now I know a lot more about Lima.

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