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She came as she said unto Atkinson all that long way Vienna Map on Foot. She brag’d and show’d how dry she was; nor could Vienna Map it After completing our evidence review, we were satisfied to have captured a few very curious EVPs. Two were recorded in the third floor bathroom. The first was heard after Melanie’s team had left the room and were somewhere down the hall. The whispered voice says, “Hi Maggie.” About twenty minutes later, another EVP that sounded like a different voice said, “He hit her.”

Another audio clip captured on the third floor occurred at the time I was with Matt’s team in the back room. I had asked if Emory was a coward for killing himself. At the time Jeff thought he’d heard a “no.” My handheld video camera’s audio picked up the very faint word, “No.” After listening to it several times, we began to wonder if the word was “window” instead of “no.” This evidence along with others can be heard in our Secret Room.

Our last EVP was surprisingly loud and clear, recorded in the basement where the shadow had been seen by Matt and Jeff. Melanie’s group was in the basement at the time it was captured. The simple words, “see the chair” were heard. It sounded like the voice of a child, a young boy.

Normally, before an investigation, we do as much research as possible. In this case, we weren’t able to do that because the Arlington investigation came up quickly. Now it was time to get to work and see if actual history will support the stories and connect the evidence of this investigation.

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