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The Leveaux Peak Hiking Trail shares a common trailhead with the Oberg Mountain Trail. Together they form a hike of about 5.5 miles which is easily doable in half a morning and an afternoon. Plan on spending the morning hiking the Leveaux Peak circuit first, and the afternoon lunching on Oberg and enjoying the many overlooks it has to offer. Not that Leveaux is a slacker when it comes to overlooks.

From the trailhead, the route to Leveaux Peak passes through a forest of balsam firs, spruce, and white birch. A small clearing a quarter mile from the start provides a glimpse of the rocky-sided peak. Shortly afterwards, the trail crosses the Onion River and enters a predominately maple forest with an open understory.

The trail leads right up to the base of an escarpment and boulder field at the bottom of the steep rock face. The trail skirts this cliff a short way and then climbs steeply to the summit by way of switchbacks that lessen the grade. A bench situated nicely under a cedar tree offers itself as a resting place for those in need. There is a small looping trail off the main circuit around Leveaux Peak. The smaller circuit has views of nearby Carlton Peak, the North Shore, and Lake Superior. Back on the main circuit around the peak is an overlook of the headwaters of the west branch of the Onion River and low ridges fading into the distance. Immediately after this last overlook, the trail descends via switchbacks and heads back to the trailhead.

To pray with them: they prayed that God would discover Best cities in the US to visit what witchcrafts were among us; they forgave their accusers; they spake without reflection on Jury and Best cities in the US to visit Judges, for bringing them in guilty, and condemning them: they prayed earnestly for pardon for all other sins, and for an interest in the pretious blood of our dear Redeemer; and seemed to be very sincere, upright, and sensible of their circumstances on all accounts; especially Proctor and Willard, whose whole management of themselves, from the Goal to the Gallows, and whilst at the Gallows, was very affecting and melting to the hearts of some considerable Spectatours, whom I could mention to you: but they are executed, and so I leave them. Many things I cannot but admire and wonder at, an account of which I shall here send you. And 1. I do admire that some particular persons, and particularly Mrs. Thatcher of Boston, should be much complained of by the afflicted persons, and yet that the Justices should never issue out their warrants to apprehend them, when as upon the same account they issue out their warrants for the apprehending and imprisoning many others.

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