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Oh hi pad what’s up welcome to Geneva Switzerland or should. I say France because it feels like.

I’m in France actually very very French. I didn’t realize how French Geneva was gonna be then. I looked at a map.

And saw that it was surrounded, but now, it’s actually really interesting because he really really stood at friends in Geneva. And Zurich. And interlocking.

Geneva Switzerland Photo Gallery

I wasn’t joking remember last time when I was talking about Swiss flag lots of slim. I feel like Finance was that it was not kidding, you goodbye.

So we ever wonder if, it’s motivates of course being in Geneva we had to show, you Lake Geneva Western Europe’s largest lake progressive at the Frick water fountain. So we are at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN let me go learn about particles. And accelerators.

And quark. And protons. And forces for for electromagnetism.

And side quantum ease. And quantum mechanics string there Higgs bosons. So nerdily awesome.

So nearly awesome. So here at CERN one of the most exciting things that they held is the world’s largest particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider like it twice. And cloggers under Geneva.

And it goes between the friends. And search one border these collisions energies transformed particles just like first Russians be back the Sully station will soon enough to also fun Alice is the largest part of the debtor ever built, it’s about 25 metres high 44 metres long -. So, it’s bomb twice as big as this painting is as cold as the globe, but larger longer the serrated LHC enters Atlas robot size we have collisions in the center possibly the position in the transverse plane over hundreds of the believe it screams.

And right is the other detector control system where each stud detector as a control code that says that color that says weather detector is working fine or is spin switched off or there are problems we’re on a base jumping competition oh my god this is. So random didn’t plan this at all, but they’re two-faced nothing yeah an army of via ferrata which is basically a rope sport. I’m attached here with my harness kind of a in between middle point between normal without walking.

And free climbing. So, you are 5. And up mountains, but, you focus on definitely could not be afraid Heights Davis well, it’s about three hours to point 1 to point 2 K we’re gonna be going down both 300 years.

And elevation did one yesterday, this is ridiculous. So so people actually Willie. And that’s what they look on to crazy they’re crazy Stephanie they’re crazy they’re crazy don’t do it don’t do that kid let’s go eat it to the other side top blow is it really as hoppier yeah something there’s not really that’s the top that’s the Tahoe for like semi top amazing weight.

So weight knit de Malaga much taller hi guys okay probably go down down that’s what came front down there yeah alright now that starts in the drag we just stay open forever you. ?

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