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CONDITIONS: Very easy – mostly street walking. Entirely suitable Malaysia Map Tourist Attractions for pushchairs and wheelchairs. REFRESHMENTS: Chichester has a vast number of pubs, restaurants and, Malaysia Map Tourist Attractions of course, teashops. In many ways this walk beautifully complements the Best Challenge Walk which features elsewhere in this book. If you have successfully completed the challenge, what better way to unwind than by strolling round Chichester for a day, relaxing in one or more of the many delightful teaplaces the city has to offer?

Chichester is a wonderful city with so many fine buildings; it is perhaps best known for its cathedral, but there are a number of other historic landmarks and architectural gems to see and enjoy, including the Bishop’s Palace, the Cross, the city walls, St Mary’s Hospital, the Assembly Rooms, Edes House and Pallant House, not to mention several old churches and a very impressive array of eighteenth-century town houses, all within a surprisingly compact space. The city also boasts one of the finest range of shops in the whole of Sussex.

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