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Instead of a full-blown brothel or terma scene like in Rio, in Buenos Aires it’s more like just going out to regular nightclubs, called Boliches. Here, to pull a girl out requires not much more than buying a mandatory expensive drink or two, negotiating your price, and then going back to your place for a

2 hour date. If you’re American, don’t expect the oh my God rock star treatment you get elsewhere in the world. You are visiting one of the wealthiest South American cities, so your money doesn’t impress them as much.

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The main target rich environment is called Recolecta, near the Recolecta cemetery. Definitely stay in this area if you can. This hot trendy area has parks, fancy open-air cafes and restaurants, museums, high-level shopping malls, gourmet restaurants, five stars hotels, and a cinema theater complex. Cost for a date ranges from $60-120. Some of the prettiest women in this sport you’ll ever find. Blonde classy European style. Pay for dates when you’re done, not before.

The main clubs to hit are IMadahos, Black, Hooks, Shampoo, Playwoman, and Cocodrillo. These are very high-class dance clubs, with the occasional strip club atmosphere thrown in. Black has the hottest girls usually. Caution #/, you can drop a lot of money clubbing long before you find the one you want. The cover charges are high, $ 8-10, and the girls work you hard for drinks. Make sure you have a good feel of a club before going in. Ask around, look who’s going in and out, etc. Caution#2, when you go in, stand at the bar. Otherwise, the second you sit down, girls whom you may not want will plop their asses down and work you for a $10-20 drink. Stand at the bar, take your time, narrow in on a hot chica who shows a real interest in you. Work her, own her, and then rent her. Who’s yo daddy?

At the more popular clubs, you’re required to purchase for your girl an exit drink or two for the club fee. Pricing can be steep, at Hooks for example, the men’s drink is $12 pesos, $24 pesos for the woman. Find out in advance chic drink prices and exit fees, don’t get taken. In some places, the girl won’t even talk to you or about her price until you have bought her a drink first. This can be an expensive route if she follows up with a huge requested price. Try to find a girl who will talk and give you the scoop without being required to buy drinks first. Look for the part time girls, and skip the pros. As far as pricing, there’s huge variation. They of course will go for the jugular and try for $150-$200 US dollars. You, of course, will only discuss money in pesos, “this ain’t the United States, cuantos pesos, senorita?” The hottest ones will cost you $100 US, others from $50 +.

What makes BA unique is the unbelievable high quality of the escort women. There are hundreds of girls in the links we provide you below who are 9’s and perhaps 10’s. Don’t drop a lot in the clubs settling for a girl if you can do much better for about the same price using an escort service. Try to go to as many clubs as you can until you find the latest trendy place that has a lot of new girls on the scene. The pricing will be half of the established clubs. Locals are very much an option in this city. If you’re staying here for a little while, a good technique is going to the top places, pick out the hottest one, buy her a drink and get her phone number. Go out the next day for lunch. Daytime “nooners” are half price and you may get a part time girlfriend out of it. However, if she isn’t smothering you when you first meet her, pick another.

The other choice is freelancer clubs, which eliminates the bar drinks and exit fees. Check out Newports and Affaires, located next to the corner of Junin and Vicente Lopez. The same non-strip club setup can be found on Suipacha Street next to Paraguay Street at the clubs Ness, and Cattos. Remember, negotiate in pesos.

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