Wyoming Map Tourist Attractions

Wyoming Map Tourist Attractions


2,433,029 acres. Enormous Shoshone National Forest is in western and northwest Wyoming, with some lands alongside the eastern border of Yellowstone National Park. Over half of the acreage consists of designated wilderness.

It encompasses parts of several high and spectacular mountain ranges, including a section of the Continental Divide. Wyoming’s highest mountain, 13,804-foot Gannett Peak, stands on Shoshone’s border with Bridger-Teton National Forest, and there are 20 other mountains over 13,000 feet.

Scenery also includes high plateaus and deep canyons, alpine meadows, sagebrush flats, and conifer forests, with hundreds of lakes and streams, several major rivers, and 156 glaciersthe most of any location in the country outside of Alaska. Among the wildlife are elk, bighorn sheep, moose, deer, black and grizzly bear, and mountain goat.

There are five large wilderness areas: the 704,529-acre Washakie Wilderness, the 350,488-acre North Absaroka Wilderness, the 198,838-acre Fitzpatrick Wilderness, the 101,991-acre Popo Agie Wilderness, and 23,750 acres of the 921,000-acre AbsarokaBeartooth Wilderness.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are possible on over 1,500 miles of trails. Difficulty ranges from easy to strenuous. Higher trails may only be snow-free from mid-July through September.

Tarshee National Forest.

Many trails are open to horseback riding, and cross-country skiing is available in winter. Limited rafting is possible on the Shoshone River. Fishing is permitted, as is hunting in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed throughout most of the National Forest, except where posted otherwise. Campfires may be made, but a stove is recommended for cooking. Permits are required only for large organized groups.

For Further Information: Shoshone National Forest, 225 West Yellowstone Avenue, P.O. Box 2140, Cody, WY 82414; (307)527-6241.

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