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451 E. 36th St., 704/344-0300,

HOURS: Wed.-Fri. 11 A.M.-6 P.M., Sat. noon-6 P.M., Sun. noon-4 P.M.

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Like many of the galleries in NoDa, Green Rice Gallery showcases the work of local and emerging artists. A total of 75 artists have work in the gallery in media ranging from pottery and collage to sculpture and jewelry. The gallery changed hands in 2008 and the new owner (and artist), Carla Garrison, immediately tweaked the gallery concept. She created open studio space for working artists as a means of expanding the creative culture in the neighborhood and offering opportunities for visitors to meet the artists and watch their creative processes.

The Society of the Hospital of the City of New York Richmond Map Tourist Attractions is founded to encourage the building of a hospital in the city. On August 14, the Richmond Map Tourist Attractions medical school of King’s College is founded by the action of the trustees. On October 7, Mason and Dixon make their last measurement, at the mouth of Dunkard Creek. Two treatises on potash production and Country potash are published in London, Robert Dossie’s Observations on the Pot-Ash Brought from Country and W.M.B. Lewis’s Experiments and Observations on Country Potashes. Dossie is a leader in the Society of Arts. The Charles Town physician Lionel Chalmers publishes An Essay on Fevers. It will attract European interest, being republished in London in 1768 and in German translation in 1773.

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