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Bright-red fire engines and uniformed firefighters aside, there is another reason to take a second look at Engine #7: It’s one of just three pre-W WII fire stations in Charlotte that continues to operate. The firehouse was built in 1935; preeminent Charlotte architect Charles Christian Hook designed it to fit in with the surrounding streetscape. The station is tall and narrow, mimicking the scale, style, and materials used throughout the former mill village. The fire station also housed a two-cell neighborhood jail. There are no official tours of the firehouse, but the firefighters are almost always willing to offer a peek inside, especially on the evenings when Gallery Crawl is held in the neighborhood.

The historic Charlotte Fire Department Engine #7 is one of a handful of original fire houses still operating in the city.

White shall here symbolize that no evil or jealous thoughts shall Czech Republic Metro Map creep into the minds of the Lords while in Council under the Great Peace. White, the Czech Republic Metro Map emblem of peace, love, charity and equity surrounds and guards the Five Nations. 61. Should a great calamity threaten the generations rising and living of the Five United Nations, then he who is able to climb to the top of the Tree of the Great Long Leaves may do so. When, then, he reaches the top of the tree he shall look about in all directions, and, should he see that evil things indeed are approaching, then he shall call to the people of the Five United Nations assembled beneath the Tree of the Great Long Leaves and say: A calamity threatens your happiness. Then shall the Lords convene in council and discuss the impending evil.

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