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I don’t know if you can see guys would see this little thing here that’s a turtle head.

So I feel like this one hopefully we’ll get a lot hatching Hey everybody we are just doing one final check on the beach for a count we’re walking up, and down, and counting to see how many see totals any last night, and see if they’ve been robbed or if they’re being eaten. But yeah pretty much just reading the sunrise for the last time at the sea turtle rescue centre, and then yeah about 7:30 we’re getting picked up by our driver, and starting our long passage back to San Jose. So you tell this one’s being robbed. Because you got the footprints got the big hole, and also the eggs has been eaten, and robbed all right just doing our very last sea turtle baby check hopefully there’s just one guy with the release bye bye baby sea turtles bye bye amazing Beach there weren’t any sea turtles have needed to be released that’s okay I think I think we’ve had pretty good luck this week yeah we’re just now heading back up going to finish packing up the our bags, and then just gonna grab a big coffee, and then yes 7:30 we head on out to San Jose alright that’s the end of our time that’s the end of our time guys. So now we are just gonna be traveling for the next couple of hours back to San Jose. So good to feel like we’re now back at the start Hey oh we have it Hey everyone morning are you guys doing today I feel like we’ve logged today. But maybe was just a big intro without a more big intro.

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So um yeah we’re pretty much making our way back to San Jose we’ve just dropped off into a town called samurai which you would have seen when we first got here at the Kiara Hotel, and yeah we’re just waiting for our bus it’s gonna be a seven hour day when you get into San Jose about seven to thirty and. So December. So expect beautiful shots from a bus. So it seems like the the drivers tire has just popped into about maybe ten minutes out of samurai. So they’re just changing the tire over, I’m sure won’t add any more to our time. But yeah they’re just changing it now, I’m just excited cuz it gave us a moment to go get some drinks he honestly don’t know how much you miss just like home sometimes when you are stuck in a place that doesn’t sell it it’s our first step back to civilization your body it’s the spirits got me fired don’t ever leave it bus number three we finally just got to San Jose, and this might 102 o’clock, and our next ride comes at 2:30. But down subway which is nice yes stuttering he just got away popping out for our next bus, and it should be we just finally got back to our host family, and time time from that.

So hi guys sorry about this like very short yeah sorry with this very short for guys, and we are going out for drinks at 7:30. So we still got some stuff planned for today. But I think it’s not I think it’s not hello everyone we have had a nap, and feeling fresh, and we’re about to go out to drinks. But I quickly wanted to show you guys about something. Because today I’ve been listening to a podcast that I think is really cool, and some of you might have known it cuz it was the top podcast for a while then I was thinking um tell you guys about this podcasters you should listen to it Stephen what I listen to it first one was called cereal, and then he got me onto it, and I’ve been listening to it there’s 12 posts on the podcast, and I’ve already listened to 10 in like one day no time. But it was I just elicited to it the whole to my trouble sorry good since we need 12 posts, and it’s about this reporter who is looking into a case about a boy who was 17 who went to prison, and some people think he might not have done the crime that he was in the prison for. So she goes, and interviews all these people, and finds all the backstory, and you just find more, and more about the case, and learn I guess if you did it or not, and more of the story it’s a real case isn’t like I was just really interesting.

So I don’t know that’s all I want to say, and I want to give it away do you guys like podcasts you should listen to cereal it is really good yeah just thought it’s really good, and I was like it’s that good I want to tell you guys to what listen to it, and I really want to like hear what you guys think about it if you have already listened to it write down the comments below what you thought. Because I’d love to read your comments about what you think of it that’s the main reason why I want you guys to read it. So I could see what you guys think yeah sorry we ever thought that much today guys we just have been traveling, and then someone that works for CRLA which is the language school he took us out for some drinks, and very nice instead of getting drinks we got coke, and cake ice cream we haven’t had like is it. So long like let’s explode in a nipple yes it’s fine. Because they ordered like main meals red wine just like little kids okay necessary had to have it it had, and it is currently 10 we have to wake up at 4 345 345 or something cuz we can be picked up at 4 a.m. to go to the airport to fly away Montreal which is gonna take a long time.

Because we have a six-hour layover in Texas. But um I am excited to check out Montreal I’ve always wanted to see that you some kind of that, and let’s go, and we get to have Timmy’s Timmy to back to Timmy’s yes yep good night guys I will see tomorrow on a very long flight today.

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