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Good Hey that is another great day in Athens warm, and sunny outside I have no plans for what, I’m doing just walking around the city except that I do need to go, and buy a new shirt actually. Because I only have guys tired of seeing me in this gray boring shirt. Because I am I had one other short sleeve shirt. But it got ruined traveling you know as happens, and my other shirt is a sweater which I obviously cannot wear here.

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So I need to do a little bit of shopping, I’m not um that fond of shopping unless it’s for food or books. But clothes shopping makeup shopping no well gotta go shopping now such a hard life ok let’s go I have decided to come to the Agora which was completely unplanned for today. But I was walking by the entrance, and decided to come inside I feel that something about the Greek way of kind of preserving these ancient sites is that they all kind of have this haphazard feel to them things are placed randomly like there’s just ruins behind me in the forest things are very overgrown in wild flowers, and there’s just kind of ancient fallen columns sitting in patches of grass walking through the woods in these ruins does make you kind of feel like you’re discovering something oh my god see this is what I mean when I say that the Bruins here they’re just kind of skew, and overgrown. But in the most gorgeous way look this is just I did not think it was going to be like this.

I feel like I am in some sort of forest just completely discovering things there’s not really any signs or you know guardrails telling you you can’t go anywhere you can just go right up to things wander through the grass like I am now a few seconds ago this guy came up to me, and was like oh you have a bug on you now as I go okay, and he looked like he expected me to scream or something this is what I used to do as a kid completely except not with ancient ruins you know where they’d let you walk in here do not know how awesome I feel right it is kind of a dream of mine to go, and walk in these little places that are raising the ruins these are obviously the rooms of an old building that once stood here, and you always see kind of these rooms, and spaces, and the ruins. But they’re all closed off, and you can’t go, and explore them, and go inside look I can’t circular room right now let’s go see the other I wonder what this area of the room is kind of this little corner in the back, and then there’s the same thing over here I can’t believe that you can just walk through the rooms like this sound this pack of tall yellow flowers now I cannot believe that a place like this exists where there just ruins laying in the grass, and you can go right up, and explore any part of them that you want I think that this might be one of my favorite places in the world.

So I definitely like it way more than me Acropolis. Because there it was very crowded felt more restricted here it’s just basically a little forest with ruins in it that you can walk through it’s absolutely amazing this temple behind me is one of the best-known, and buildings at the Agora, and it’s actually one of the best preserved ancient buildings, and fries I think, I’m gonna go back down now that was absolutely incredible I still can’t believe that a place like this exists, and Wow.

So when you come to the Agora definitely walk around everywhere, and find all these forests, and little patches of wilderness with ruins in them it’s definitely a highlight of my trip. So mission accomplished I got some new shirts at each net see me wearing a plan anymore this is the library Adrian behind back at my Airbnb for a little bit while I was out I bought my ferry tickets to the next place that, I’m going which is a Greek island, and you’ll see which one excited about that. So now I am just doing some editing, and to go back out in a bit.

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