Welcome to real life Disneyland, aka Lake Bled here in Slovenia. This is the number 1 place to visit in Slovenia because of this amazing beautiful church on an island in the middle of a lake. It is hands down on of the most beautiful and favorite places I have ever been. I have been before, I actually went in the summer time. But, it is so different right now in the winter. I think its slightly more beautiful cause the water is so calm and everything is so reflective and the mountains, oh my goodness, see those mountains If you ever want to feel like a real life princess come to Lake Bled because. castles there is a castle there, and there, churches. lakes, yea What more could you ask for, what more could you want I am making a wish Currently, hiking up to see an awesome viewpoint of the lake and the castle Boat is getting ready, and then we are taking it to the island. No more looking at the island, we are going to boat to the island. Church is Holy Mary of Assumption We are on the island, and it is beautiful We are actually going to go into the church that we have been staring at all day. Making a wish. Its a secret.


Everyone hates you outside now. Its loud. We are on top of the Bledski grad, the Bled Castle. The view. This is awesome. We’ve had lots of awesome views today. We are going to check out this castle. It is the oldest castle in Slovenia. It is over 1000 years old It is very, very old. And they are somer really cool things inside, so let’s go check it out. It’s like a museum. In that time they put the ink with the medieval plate They used a roller Side note: upper and lower case. This is where the words originated from Literally, the casing of the letters on the top verses the bottom. That’s a cool little fact that I learned today in Slovenia. Thank you. The restaurant we are going to is a farm to table restaurant, meaning that the grow everything on the farm. This village is really cool and unique. It is the windiest place in Slovenia, so winds get up to 240 km per hour. That is nuts, and you can tell Where is the cat? Kitty. Welcome to Goce, a very unique village in Slovenia its a very old village. In the 11th century the first people lived here. It is tradition to produce wine here Long tradition to produce wine here in this village This wine cellar is around 700 years old That is right from the barrel Its delicious It’s good, it’s good. I prepared for you cheese, I put 10 herbs, olive oil pancetta. Sour turnip, beans, grapes and potatoes and cabbage This dressing is amazing Apple strudel to top it all off. And I am ready for bed. Alright, we are packing and leaving Here it has been super, super nice We are going to go. We are packing all into the van. We are going to go and explore Lake Bohinj. There isn’t a place called Bohinj, because Bohinj is the whole valley. Approximately 20 km long and it starts somewhere here and ends over here if you can imagine The valley itself was created approximately 14 thousand years ago. Don’t quote me for exact date.

There are mountains, Julian Alps to be more precise which are part of the alps which are the largest European mountain range. This is where the alps begin or end depending which side you look on Special point is the highest mountain. Triglav. We have it on our coat of arms and flag Also, Triglav was climbed for the very first time from this valley. It is a beautiful winter wonderland day Look at all this snow. It looks amazing. We are at Lake Bohinj. It is the big brother lake to Lake Bled. The are kind of sibling lakes This is absolutely stunning we just got a fresh snow fall. It is the first time in like 10 years that the lake has frozen over So you can see, literally the lake all covered in like a slushy snow. So what’s really cool about Lake Bohinj is actually the active big brother lake to Lake Bled, so this is where all the outdoor enthusiasts come to, because you can go skiing, hiking, mountaineering, you can do a whole ton of stuff because right behind is, covered in the misty fog, is the Triglav mountain range, the highest mountain range in Slovernia including the highest mountain in Slovenia which is Triglav which is over 2,800 meter high. Its a pretty cool lake. Also, this church is the oldest church in Slovenia its also, in my opinion one of the prettiest right now because, hello, snowy winteriness. Yes. The priests could see the devils, but the people going to the service could not. Is this all original? This is all original. There is some pretty cool, unexplained stuff here. We are currently in the oldest church here in Slovenia. It is over one thousand years old which is nuts. Road tripping time We are headed out to Italy. Oh, this is looking nasty. So we should buy chains, but I think we should go a different way. Its stuck. You are stuck. Back Keep going Okay, back down the mountain It’s 3:19 in the morning And we finally got to our place here in Italy We left Slovenia and it was a treacherous drive with many stops, and lots of snow and do all that stuff that you do at night Where is this post going? Where? We’re tired. There is chocolate on my bed. Chocolate on our bed. Also, we have to cross a hallway to go to the washroom. You are just saying anything I am postging. This is m life.

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