Italy, according to ENIT, the Italian National Tourist Board, ranks as one of the top two or three tourist destinations of the world. About fifteen million foreign visitors... Read more

Rome Map

When in Rome do as the Romans do; well not quite. Rome needs no more noisy scooters rattling the windows of houses on narrow streets at midnight. Rome... Read more

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The largest extant Roman amphitheater, seating twenty-five thousand, is an open-air opera in Verona during the summers. A Shakespeare festival, ballets and concerts also fill the amphitheater. The... Read more

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Venice, the city without roads, has some of the most modern garages to be found anywhere. Motorists can enter Venice on a two-mile bridge crossing the Venetian Lagoon.... Read more

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Autostradas (superhighways) traverse Italy and all are toll roads. Four of the European superhighways terminate in Italy: the E 2 runs from London to Brindisi; the E 6... Read more

Map of Milan

MILAN With 1,464,000 inhabitants, Milan, the capital city of Lombardy (the country’s most prosperous and highly industrialized region producing 20.4% of the GNP) is the second largest city... Read more

Sights and Attractions in Venice

SIGHTS Accademia (Venetian painters: Bellini, Canaletto, Carpaccio etc.), Arsenale, Ca’d’Oro (15th c., most lavishly decorated Gothic palace of the city, houses the Gallery Fran-chetti); Ca’Pesaro (17th c., Baroque... Read more

Travel to Venice

HISTORY The not so easily accessible lagoon island became the government seat of the Venetian Sea-League in 811. The independent city state was founded in the 11th century... Read more


The tiny country in the south east comer of France is Europe’s smallest state after the Vatican. It is however, certainly the most densely populated in the world... Read more

Travel to Milan

HISTORY In the 5th century before Christ the Celts settled down in the site of what is today Milan. (To this date one can notice the Gallic influence... Read more

Map of Venice

VENICE Venice (324,000 inhabitants), the capital of the region of Veneto, was built on 118 islands in the Gulf of Venice, separated from the sea by juts of... Read more

Sights and Attractions in Milan

SIGHTS Duomo (Cathedral), Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Scala Opera, Ambrosiana Art Gallery, Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, Sforzesco Castle, Brera Art Gallery, Santa Maria delle Grazie with Leonardo da Vinci’s... Read more