Once a tiny fishing village, the Italian Riviera town of Portofino is now a magnet for celebrity sun-seekers. How to get there? By yacht, dahling! Yes, Beyoncé and Jay Z anchored o these pretty shores for Bey’s 33rd birthday in September last year. They were spotted strolling the cobbled streets hand in hand, Bey in a floral print bikini and sarong with foil tattoos. The pair even inadvertently gatecrashed a wedding after walking into a local church. Flanked by olive trees and a jewel-toned ocean, Portofino sprawls up a mountainside dotted with castles and villas. As yachts float below, the promontory and piazza are alive with chic cafés serving up the tastiest seafood. Portofino is discreetly A-list despite being a long-standing celebrity favourite: Denzel Washington celebrated his 27th wedding anniversary here, and fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh shot Emily Blunt, Adriana Lima and Cate Blanchett on this patch of Mediterranean paradise.


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