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Road signs. Although the U. S. has decided to change over to international road signs, the change has been gradual, and there are some differences remaining between the international signs and the U.S. ones. Following are some terms you may encounter on road signs:

American British American British Detour Deviation Men working Roadworks Divided highway Dual carriageway Motorbike Moped Roadway Traffic circle Traffic lane Yield Carriageway Roundabout Carriageway Give way DRUGS. In New York State possession of a small amount of marijuana might go unnoticed although you are liable to a fine. In contrast, selling drugs is a major offence. You might be offered some hash or other drug in Times Square, the Village or Central Park, around the Bethesda Fountain. The people who sell are cautious, however, and won’t insist if you ignore them.

LAUNDRY ELECTRIC CURRENT. The United States has 110-volt. 60-cycle A.C., and uses a plug with two flat prongs. Visitors from abroad will need a transformer (240-110 V) and probably an adaptor plug for their electric razors.


EMERGENCIES. For any emergency, call 911 to be connected with the police, ambulance service or fire department.

To see a doctor right away (not for hospitalization), call the Doctors’ Emergency Service at 879-1000. For urgent dental care call the Dentists’ Emergency Service at 679-3966, or after 8 p.m., dial 679-4172. The telephone operator (dial 0) can also connect you with emergency services. See Medical Care.

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