Oahu Polynesian Cultural Center

This post we’re at the Polynesian Cultural Center traveling to its many islands all in one day. Right now, I’m in Tonga paddling a outrigger canoe along this beautiful little stretch, it’s so pretty. That wasn’t even hard work that was just good ol’ fun. This place is really impressive. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover. You can basically travel to Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, and many other places. As you walk around, you’ll see a number of really elaborate shows to check out as well. Who wants to see the tree climbed? Up! Up! Up! Jump! No!

Oahu Polynesian Cultural Center Photo Gallery

I said are you ready? Ya! Are you crazy? Alright. So, we get to learn how to climb a coconut tree. Whoa. This is a lot harder than it looks. Hold your finger like that. Oh. Finger.. Right now, we’re learning the ancient art of spear tossing. Focus. Right in the bulls-eye. I’m awesome. This is really amazing. They’re showing us traditional dances while performing on a canoe. There’s so much to keep you busy: you can learn how to hula, how to crack open a coconut the right way, how to throw spears, and there’s one more thing I’ve got to try before I head out. I thought I’d take a little piece of the Islands home with me.

The inside rails continue down the ladder till you’re about waist deep and you spread out all along the sides right here. If you want to be good cage makers.. All right you two, you just survived swimming with the sharks, How was it? It was fun. It was awesome. Yeah.

Oahu Polynesian Cultural Center Photo Gallery

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