Angkor WHAT Siem Reap Cambodia

Hey hey it is really early because right now. I am at Angkor Wat the world. And also there is no excellency it was painted during 16th centuries when, it’s time for convert to to the Sun and, this is originally Hindu.

And built from 11:30. And 1150 service post construction all right guys we’re on to our next temple the Bayon temple. I know no no not you’re not getting just one temple today you’re getting three oh my god yes.

Angkor WHAT Siem Reap Cambodia Photo Gallery

So we’re also in the anchor Kingdom the difference being this one is more famous for faces a lot of very intricate faces all in front of a young temple we spell be a bio. And beyond. So, this is the main Buddhist temple building they meet up at most.

And khatam city really hi guys. So we are on our third. And final time world here in the in-court Kingdom yes, this is a temple it gave the jump temple a gay Tomb Raider that’s Tomb Raider let’s go tear Angelina Jolie what, you recognize it, you recognize it maybe kinda sorta.

So everybody this one we call top from top from his spelling 1186 eighty in the real king jayavarman7. And he built this temple for his mother Oh No did we leave the sacred artifacts in that temple, you let’s forget it what. I’m Julia Jolie do she’s wrong good yes she would, you know.

I really. I actually really wish. I knew what happened in the Tomb Raider moving them to us we all up or interested we could have had a plot line broth we could have had a plot lines red floor.

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