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0.0 The hike begins on the Cascade River Trail by climbing a flight of steps, passing under a powerline, and, in 440 feet, crossing an unmarked trail going right and left.

0.1 Trail intersection at the bridge crossing the Cascade River, and the beginning of the circuit portion of this hike. Cross the bridge and turn right on the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), passing two trails to the left.

0.3 The trail forks; take either one as they rejoin in about 330 feet.

0.5 Trail intersection; turn right, passing two trails on the left, and descend the 96 Steps. At the bottom, bear left on the SHT passing a spur trail to the right.

1.5 Trail intersection; the spur trail on the right leads to a small waterfall in 0.3 mile. The main trail bears left and ascends very steeply. The 15-20 foot waterfall at the end of the spur trail is located in a small box canyon on a tributary stream of the Cascade River. The main trail, after ascending steeply, levels out and moves away from the river so that it’s just within hearing range. This section of the trail passes the site of an old mine.

1.8 Cross a bridge over a small wet-weather stream.

2.4 Cross a bridge over a tributary stream. After a steep ascent, the trail passes over level terrain through a maple forest.

2.9 Cross a bridge over a small stream.

3.3 Cross a bridge.

3.6 The trail crosses a bridge, turns right, and reaches a point high above the river that provides an excellent view of Hidden Falls upriver. Beyond this point, the trail passes above a recent landslide where a section of the steep river canyon wall has collapsed onto the riverbank. Soon the trail reaches County Road 45. Turn right and walk along the road crossing the bridge over Cascade River.

3.9 Turn left off County Road 45 onto the road providing access to a small parking lot for the SHT. Pass the SHT on the right and head downriver by walking past the parking lot and under the bridge.

4.4 Hidden Falls.

4.9 The trail enters private property. Please stay on the trail.

The trail ascends a steep flight of log steps to a ridge crest. Once on the ridge the trail descends very gradually as it passes along the edge of the river gorge.

6.7 The trail leaves private property still making its gradual descent through tall white pines.

7.0 Pass a spur trail on the right leading to a campsite.

7.1 Cross a bridge over Trout Creek.

7.3 The trail bears left and ascends a steep, sharp ridge.

7.4 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead, passing a very short spur trail on the left leading to a cross-country skiing trail in about 20 feet.

7.5 Trail intersection; turn left on the SHT passing a spur trail to

the right. Before going on, stop here to look back upriver at the cascades.

7.6 Trail intersection; bear right on the SHT passing a trail to the

left. In the next 800 feet, pass three more trails to the left.

7.8 Trail intersection at the east end of the bridge over Cascade River completing the circuit portion of this hike. Turn left to return to the trailhead.

7.9 Trailhead.

By the great plenty of those regions the merchants and their Best country to visit in february factors shall lie there cheap, buy and repair their ships cheap, and shall return at pleasure Best country to visit in february without stay or restraint of foreign prince; whereas upon stays and restraints the merchant raiseth his charge in sale over of his ware; and, buying his wares cheap, he may maintain trade with small stock, and without taking up money upon interest; and so he shall be rich and not subject to many hazards, but shall be able to afford the commodities for cheap prices to all subjects of the realm. 13. By making of ships and by preparing of things for the same, by making of cables and cordage, by planting of vines and olive trees, and by making of wine and oil, by husbandry, and by thousands of things there to be done, infinite numbers of the English nation may be set on work, to the unburdening of the realm with many that now live chargeable to the state at home.

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